Set Free!

I don't even know where to start this but God set me free yesterday!  I am about to be very honest and transparent with you all, so grab a cup of java, a tissue box and ready!

Have you ever hated someone?  I am ashamed to say, I have!  I actually didn't even know I really hated them.  Its something I would never admit.  Until I got delivered.

Years and years ago a person in my life hurt me very much.  When I got saved I thought I had forgiven them.  I began to pray for them, but still felt this lurking emotion.  This bitter feeling I could never seem to shake.  Eventually I resolved that this emotion would probably never leave. But I would just ignore it!

It didn't help that the person didnt make things any easier.  They continued to be difficult, they continued to hurt me.  Everything they would do would drive me nuts.  I just couldn't understand why they would behave like this?  Sometimes the longer we are saved we forget that thats what sinners do!  They sin.  I began to resent them even more because they weren't making the decisions I was.  And their foolish decisions sadly affected my life as well. I hated them until yesterday...

A God sent circumstance presented itself and I had two choices.  To either, get bitter or get better!
I chose the latter, the person had blown up at me via text, and  for the first time in the years I was able to see the other side. I was able to see their hurt, their misfortune.  I actually extended grace to them, by some miracle.  Normally I would cringe at the idea.  I was able to offer them encouragement...and the miracle was that it was well recieved.  You see this person is probably just as bitter with me.  This person has just as much reason to be angry with me because I have hurt them too!

This was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders..  I feel set free, renewed and encouraged.  Just because we love Jesus doesn't mean we don't have hidden hate, angers and bitterness in our hearts.  Often that's a misconception.  I am very glad that God was able to pour His love into my heart that day to replace the hurt and anger I had for this person.  Thankful he gave me a glimpse into their lives, and allowed me to see things from the other side.  A Blog I follow entitled Intentions of the Heart, really honed in to what God revealed to that day!

I encourage you if your bitter...its time to get better!  For me it was simply choosing to sympathize with that person, choosing the kinder words and letting God lead my heart into Victory!


  1. Wow, Praise God for such a testimony of deliverance! I can imagine the weight off your heart was immense. My heart rejoiced with this article. Thank you for allowing me to share a small part of that victory.

    1. funny, when i read your post that am, i thought "oh thats a good post....but then when my day unfolded and it hit me head on I knew i had to let you know that it really touched me!

  2. Praise God for deliverance from the innermost parts!!

  3. You are an inspiration Vee!. Praise God for freedom that you can now rejoice in! I can think of some freeing I need form bitterness and hate I have towards someone and you're a good influence on me :)


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