Rally Testimony!

The Rodney's after a long weekend!
I'm back!  I had an awesome break!  The rally was phenomenal! The Lord dealt with me  on so many things, but I just wanted to share a few!

1)Worship:  Our lives alone can worship God, and to remember to always continually be giving God praise, credit and glory!  Pastor Smith spoke about speaking in tongues while you do the dishes and put on your makeup! What a good idea!

2)My reflection vs Gods reflection:  Pastor Smith alluded to the making of silver ,how they know the silver is done when the silver smith can see His own reflection.  We need to stay in the fire until God can see His reflection in us!  Very powerful revelation to me.  I want people to look at my life and see Gods reflection not just "Lady Vee"

3)My Tongue-This is a post topic all unto its self. God showed me how we need to speak words of life, and refrain from negative speaking.  I will write about this later this week

4)Married to the church or dating the church?: Awesome sermon by my hubby, but really challenged me, how dedicated am I to the church?  Do I really buy into it.  I really felt challenged

5)Loving God:  Simple enough, but the rally reignited my love for my Savior.  He has been so good to me, and its so easy to take that for granted.  I don't want to.  I want to love Him with all I have on a regular basis!

So those were just a few highlights....On Monday we had a church BBQ at our home.  It was nice to fellowship with the saints.  The body of Christ truly is a family, and that is something our church needs to fight to preserve.  How those close family bonds are lost in churches today. Here are some pics of my weekend....

Loves the Keys just like Mama!
Our Mother Church
Church was packed with all the Area churches
Our first married couple in our church
Go Pastor Go! (poor Pastor broke his ankle-but didn't let it stop him)
Thats my man! :)
Denice & I
What a lovely bunch!
My 2 kiddos,Kelsey and Rosey at our home for a BBQ


  1. By the way I am completely failing my boot camp..heres hoping next week is better :)


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