It's Monday...the house is clean, the hearts on its way!

Every Monday its the same routine....the house has been flipped upside down by the hustle and bustle of yet another weekend at the Rodney home.  So without fail the rubber gloves come out, my audio bible turns on and the kids and Daddy are stuffed off in a room somewhere while Mommy gets her groove on and cleans the house.

It amazes me how quick the house can get out of order?  I mean what the heck is that?  I ask myself every day where does this mess come from? And who is making it?  I never seem to see it get made! I am just the first to notice it!(and first to clean it :( LOL)  Today though I was actually looking forward to my weekly clean out.  I rejoiced as I tidied out every drawer and pulled away my appliances from the wall to clean underneath them.  It brought joy to my heart to smell the bleachy fragrance radiating from my washing machine.

For me a clean house, means a good week! It means a calm week! It means a patient me!  As I  cleaned my home for probably the millionth time, I realized its just like my heart.  How many times I have to keep cleaning it out.  How many times I think" I thought I dealt with this or that" and Woop there it is! Again!
It was a subtle reminder that I need to clean my heart out as often as a I clean my home...for some, you may need to clean your heart out more than you clean your house! hahaha!

But I have to say cleaning out your house is a good place to start before cleaning out your heart.  Its not to say that people with "clean homes" have clean hearts.  On the contrary.  Some of the people that pride themselves on having the cleanest homes have the filthiest hearts, and try to keep them selves so busy being "Martha" because they know if they pull a Mary and sit at the feet of Jesus they are going to have to deal with some things they really don't want to!

Cleaning out our hearts isn't a fun job.  It hurts, its gross, its annoying!  But its very this Monday clean your Heart & your Home!  And have a Merry Week!


  1. Love the Monday Cleaning Day- I have that same day of the week cut out for scrub time too! A healthy, clean heart gives us a desire to live in an organized home many times, and an organized home brings inspiration to clean our hearts! They sure are great partners! Great post :-)

    1. Thanks sooooooo much! They are great partners. Thanks for being a blog buddy! its been awesome sharing our lives via blog :-)

  2. For a working girl, I do my cleaning on weekends. I share your thoughts on a clean house means a clean and calm week. It’s irritating to come home on a Monday after work, to find stuff scattered around your dusty floor. That’s why no matter how I want to spend my weekend laying on my couch and do nothing, I fight this urge and drag myself to get the broom and sweep to do an extensive cleaning. =) PS: Your clean house and clean hearts analogy is awe inspiring. =)

    Skylar Cox


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