I am RIch!

Now hold your horses, before you come rob my house!  I am not monetarily rich (although I would say we are pretty darn fortunate, compared to the rest of the world).  But my life is rich in Christ, family, friends and quality.

I have noticed in the past maybe 4 months I have had such an appreciation for my life and all the good in it!  Everyday I am quite cognizant of all the blessings that surround me.   I started to wonder why?  Why all of a sudden am I always appreciating every little thing.  The answer came just today.  Blogging!

Blogging has caused me to look at my life with an entirely new perspective.  It has caused me to find the good in every situation.  It has caused me to value to the small things, and appreciate each memory. It has made me realize, how rich I really am.  Nothing has changed in my life, but I have changed.

What about you?  How do you feel about your life?  DO you find yourself thankful for all you have? Do you find yourself smiling as your go about your mundane day to day tasks?  If not, perhaps you don't yet realize how rich you are.  Blogging, journaling or just the simply listing  5 good things that happened that day can give you such an appreciation of the Life God gave you!

Try it out

My Heart:
SO off topic, but the other day I took my oldest to wonderland and she went on all the big rolercoaster...including Leviathan in the very front row!2nd tallest coaster in the world to date I might add!  SHe's a little Dare Devil like her momma!
So proud...just wanted to share, but not write a whole blog on it! Haha!
Titi on her very first roller coaster Bohemoth!


  1. Victoria I totally agree! Although I dont blog, I journal, but it has the same effect! And I find if im feeling kind of down re-reading some of my older journal entries helps cheer me up!
    And on another note: check out Tiana!!! She doesnt even look a little fazed on that ride, she even posed hahahah!!

  2. Vee you are so wise lady!! I am encouraged by YOU, a woman who is rich in Christ and not of the world. Health circumstances have been hard lately for us but I am grateful also. Grateful for Christ, salvation, the Word, His promises, abundant provision, blessings unlimited and more. I have loved sharing our blogging life journeys together.

    Thank you for reminding us how truly wealthy we are!!

    1. LOL you're encouraged by me...girl I am encouraged by you! LOL
      We are all wealthy though, no matter the circumstance...


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