How to turn a BAD day into a Good one!

Ever have those mornings where you wake up and think 'I just want to go back to bed'. Not because your tired, but because you know its not going to be a good day?  I had one of those yesterday.  I woke up to bad news...before a foot had even stepped out of bed.
I was irritated.  Then it just felt like nothing was going right.  I was crabby, recovering from heat stroke and just down.
I thought there is no way this day can turn around.
Until I decided I was going to turn it around.  Now normally I would just let the day play out and opt for a better day tomorrow.  But that just wasn't going to work for me.  It was About 10 am and my day felt like it had gone from bad to worse.  I couldn't take another 10 hours of it.  So here is how I turned my day around.
1) I went back to for an hour. Needed to sleep off the funk! And I really wasn't feeling well
2) When I woke I got my life in order... I forced myself to do my " daily list" and half way through I felt better.
3) Prayer, this was more of a mumbling of 'God help me right now before I go nuts'... but a prayer all the same
4) Put on nice clothes...this always makes me feel better
5) Lucky for me it was Wednesday and a church day!  That made a huge difference... I didn't go to bed with the same hohum attitude I woke up with.  Circumstances didn't change... but I did!  Life keeps going no matter what, so keep living it even when you don't want to... and you will find yourself wanting to!
Night night!
This is a pic of me and a friend From church... this was the day I got heat stroke...I came home and was very sick dizzy and naseas. But hey we had a great day!


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