Good Monday!

Another week ahead of us!  I hope your days are going well?
On this end I am well! My Plans for today are to relax some....and make spring rolls with some sisters from my church! I am super excited about this because, I love spring rolls.  Years ago a brother from church used to bring these spring rolls out to bible study!  They had to be hands down the best spring rolls I had ever tasted in my life! So here is hoping that they are atleast a close second!

I will post the recipe we use on my "Cooking with Lady Vee" blog, for anyone interested later in the day!  Also if you have a yummy recipe your hiding please post it for all the world to see on my cooking blog!  I haven't been on there much, (life get busy) but I have not given up!

Anyhow today Ladies I want to get some feed back from you.
I want to know What you've been reading in your bible lately?
I am following up on you guys! So if you read this blog, I want to know what you read and how your Christianity is going?  If your response it more private feel free to email me at

My Heart:
So I just began the book of Genesis over the weekend and I am dabbling over the book of Ezekiel.
God has been doing so much in my life in this past couple weeks.  One lesson I have learned is that when people hurt you, you should never pull back, that's the time  you need to love them more and give yourself more to the ministry and the Lord.  The Devil is always looking for a way to cause you to pull away from loving Gods people!  As for my boot camp, the waking is working, I did jog, I haven't snacked (today)  LOL.  So here's hoping for a good week! :D And I have kept very tight reign on my tongue and glorified God in my discussions!  How is it going for all of you?


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