Adventures with Lady Vee

Last night after bible study, after the snacks had dwindled, after the games were exhausted and at usually the point where people retire for the evening I was struck with a brilliant idea!  I shared with the girls that were left at study and one of my beloved church girls said " There is never a dull moment with Victoria!".

Why did she say that you might ask?  Well because at 11 something last night I came up with the brilliant idea to play...HIDE and Go Seek outside! Ha!  Who would have ever thought!?  While this is a game most of us played as children, the group of us put in our shoes in a circle and chanted the infamous "black shoe, black shoe change your black shoe" to determine who would be "IT".  Somethings never change, like the nervous anticipation that you may be chosen to be it.  Or the exhilarating feeling of racing off to find the best hiding spot you can.

It was quite a humorous event as 6-8 adults and 1 child ran frantically into the night hiding around my neighborhood. We heard the words "Ready or not here I come" and we ceased to breathe, and lay as still as we could not wanting to be found.    One round we hid in teams.  My partner and I were laying at the bottom of a hill in the dewy damp grass trying not to be found.  We had a close call but since it was so dark they were unable to see us.  We paid the price in insect bites later (frown).

The highlight of the evening was when we were returning home from the park.  We moved there after the first game because we didn't want to make too much noise in the neighborhood.  As we are walking back one of the girls from the game was walking towards us from the direction of my neighborhood.  She had still been hiding from the very first game.  We had completely forgotten about her and went off to play at the park.  She had heard us as we were walking by but kept hiding thinking we were trying to find her!  It was a hilarious moment, to think she had been hiding behind the bushes for a half hour.  Poor dear!

All in all, it was a refreshing night!  Its a game any adult need to play!  And ignite the child in you!


  1. Sounds so fun! I would love to play hide and seek soon :)

  2. Replies
    1. It really was! Cant wait to play next week! Haha!


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