A PW Surprise

Victoria and Pastor, to me they are a gift from God.  I thank God everyday that He brough them into my life!  Victoria is like a second mother to me and a very good friend.  I can connect with her about anything and we always have a blast together.  She is always there to correct me when I need to be corrected.  I love that b/c alot of ppl son't do that.  She is very loving, caring and amazing person! I love that she's clean! Thats #1 LOL.  Food is the bomb, especially that one that I love.  Catching me stand beside it with my bread digging in.  Don't know the name of it.  Her spirit is great.  I find myself doing sum stiff she does,I guess I am catching her spirit.  She is such a blessing from God!  Love her and her family~ Steppy

Victoria is a sweet, wonderful and kind person,  Her personality is really funny! She's very adventurous too!lol Victoria has influenced me to become a better mom, and wife, it just seems like she always has it togehter.  Also she gave me good advice from the beginning of my christianity up  until now!  But over all she has influenced me to just want to do better you know? ~Sharadee

Victoria is a great person to be around, she has opened my eyes so much how to be a better mom and am very thankful that God gave me a chance to encounter someone like her ~Lovina

I think Victoria is very inspiring and talented, she's one of the people i look up to,she has influenced me to be more modest, to be more confident in myself and to think positively about people, not negative,  ~ Sarah

I think Victoria is very sweet, nice honest caring & kind person.  She has always been there for me in my time of need and I can tell her anything. Victoria really encourages me to kep going and is very helpful.  She is very organized  I like organized people!  Victoria has alwasy been a good example in Christian life and gives me great advice whe i am going through something hard.  She is a wonderful person, I am happy I met her~Jemz

I think of Victoria as an amazing big lovig sister....who has shown me nothing but encouragement in my walk....she is very positive and makes me look at the brighter side .  Since I started hanging out with her I am inspired to take on challenges and over come obstacles, teaching me new things she has motivated me to slowly let my guard down and build trusting friendships which has led me to look forward to a new adventure-Jeneil

She is not your typical pastors wife!  The things she does go outside the box of a pastors wife and make it easier to relate to her.  She continuously inspires me in so many ways.  When I just got saved she called me with words of encouragement and just saw things in me at the time, it has helped me to stay saved.   I see  Proverbs 31 qualities in her, once a fellow sister asked me to describe what Victoria does, I just read proverbs 31 to her and she understood! The way she is able to balance everything on her plate and make it seem easy is amazing.  It inspires me to make more of my 'empty plate'~Ameeka

Victoria has been like a mother to me, always looking out for me.  I look up to her and she's been a blessing to me. I am very grateful for her ~Shaniqua

She is an amazing person and never ceases to amaze me.  Since being saved she has shown me nothing but support.  Her influence in my life would have to be being humility and endurance.  I have learned its not an easy jounrey, and we all stumble and struggle but nevertheless  we should keep moving!  Victoria goes above and beyond and everyone can feel the warmth and love she gives!~Anita

I'm not really in the church or around often enough for that impact but I can definitely say she's encouraging and generous in her time, advice and she cares about the sister and works to keep us together and bonding us!~Effie

Lady Victoria did influence me in a lot of different ways,she shoed me that I can be strong no matter what I go through in life.  There was a time when I was a new convert that I thought of giving up and she was there for me.  And she also taught me to love and not judge the ones around!I thank God for making her apart of my life.  SHe is one of the best!

I am glad to have a Pastors wife that loves the church as much as the pastor does.  Over the years I have fallen in love with Victoria over and over again, to me she's a necessity (Jesus, Vic,food, shelter and clothing)lol I could honestly say that she has been very influential in my life in so many ways (love her dearly).  I see her as a mother,older sister and a friend!She is one of the people in my life that I have truly opened up to.  I truly believe for everything she's done good and right(following her husband into the ministry, opening her heart and home and ears to us,always giving words of encouragement, making song service amazing,calling us, a cup of tea here and there, food...)\God keeps a note of it and will reward her fully and beyond anything she can imagine. She has taught me how to be a christian, how to love directly and indirectly, cook and bake!  She always can count on me as a friend and helper because I am not willing to loose such a valuable person!  She is precious  I love her so much! ~Abi

As students we sometimes look at our teachers and thing their lives must be boring outside of school!  They don't know what real fun is!Well that's how we can view our pastors wives aswell!However I am here to tell you about one in particular whose life is far from boring and he name is Victoria!Victoria is presently a great inspiration in my life.  I remember when i first felt like "I love this lady".  I felt like I gained a mother.  It's always fun hanging out with her, so much laughter and such great fellowship.  She has a way of making people feel special and loved and that makes you love her even more.  In the not so happy times she gives you comfort followed  by a joke to break the ice.  She is an amazing wife and mother.  I admire the way she interacts with her kids and her dedication to her family.  She is a wonderful picture of how a woman should be! Her generosity to me and everyone around her is unbelievable and very much appreciated. She cares for us as her own and that is why i thank God for putting her in my life.  She's a wonderful teacher and friend and because of you I can truly say I am not the same person I used to be as long as you're around to continue to give me great advice and tips! Thank you thank you thank you.  I Heart you very much!~ Areitha


  1. May I never forget the precious sisters God has given me! I love you guys immensely and am humbled and honored to serve as your PW! You guys keep me! You're all perfect, I couldn't ask for more, also thank you to all those who didn't get to write but came to me with kind words...I will hold these in my heart for the rest of my life! This is a true reference point! God love you all! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. What a blessing and a gift- something to hold on to forever :)


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