Worlds Best Career!!

I have the worlds best career! I am a House Wife/Mom
What an awesome job!  While most of the world may frown at what I do, and think I am somehow oppressed, I say with great pride I love what I do! Its a great privileged, and I thank God and my hubby for allowing me to have my dream job.  It's as if it was what I was made for!

Tonight as I began my nightly house tidy routine, I just began to thank God for the gift of my job. And I thought of this....

Here are 3 Reasons why I love what I do!

1) Awesome Boss:  I govern my day!  No one tells me what to do or what not to do!  I get to choose, and carry out an action plan for the day!

2) Perfect Utopia:  Why most people would say that doesn't exisit, in my little world and in the privacy of my home, a perfect utopia does exist.  One that is perfect for me and my family.  One where I am free to express, free to enjoy and sheltered from the crude world that we live in

3) Family Time:  Being a House wife, has allowed me to spend tons of time with my hubby & kids.  More than I ever would if I had to work outside the home.  I don't miss an thing in my kiddo's lives, and am always available to be there for my hubby for support!:)

'Choose a Job you love and you will never work a day in your life'-Confucius


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