Wednesday Thoughts

I found this funny! Hehe!
Here are some of the thoughts that ran through my brain today! LOL

1.  Why doesn't anyone put dishes in the dish washer!?
2.  Its okay, what a blessing to serve my family
3.  How am I going to make the chicken  today?
4.  My kiddos are hilarious
5.  Shoot, I forgot to take the laundry out of the dryer...uggh will this laundry ever end
6.  Wow this reading bible at breakfast lunch and dinner thing is really helping Tiana
7.  I need to take a (i did)
8.  What 2 hours went by already?...but I am still sleepy! :(
9.  How do I explain rounding numbers to Tiana?
10.  Wow Tiana is so sweet for cleaning all the bathrooms, I must get her a treat for that
11.  I wonder if Gary is enjoying his dinner (as I listen to him eating downstairs)
12.  What am I going to wear to church?
13.  Why can't the house just stay like this(just finished vacuuming)
14.  I can't wait until next week (renovations to begin....can u believe it didn't start yet?)
15.  This is a good sermon (Gary preached on attacking the devil, not just being on defense)
16.  Oh my gosh, everyones looking at me ( hubby referred to me as his beautiful wife in sermon that he could have missed out on if he tried to persue a relationship out of its time)
17.  Where is Tiana? (she disappeared today, went off with a sister to country style without telling me, almost had a heart attack)
18. What you're still charging me for plastic bags? (interesting debate with cashier at shoppers-I walked away with free bags in the end!)
19. God help me discipline Tiana. (for her little rendezvous to country style)
20.  What am i going to blog on today?

So those were some of my random thoughts today!  What were yours?


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