Warning...Writers Block Ahead

Writers Block

Why is it that sometimes my thoughts just flow eloquently and I am bursting with fresh ideas and motivation.  While  other days I've got nada to say?  While the average person doesn't have to face this, its a bloggers worst fear.

This predicament birthed  other blocks we encounter in life

Road Blocks:  These are awful when you are in a hurry, and have to be rerouted.  Of course the detour is never as fast as the original route.  I usually have to fight to keep a good attitude when I find out the highway I counted on using is closed. Anyone been there?

Conversation Blocks: 'What great weather we are having eh?' Have you ever used this?  You know you have nothing to say, you feel awkward so you throw out the first randmom thought you can think of.  Weather tends to win every time!  For some reason or another you just have nothing to say.  Its not that we don't want to talk, there is  a block, a communication barrier that just won't allow for the convo to flourish. So next time you hear that famous one liner, try and help the person out!  They want to talk with you, they just don't know what to say!

Readers Block: One day your reading Gods word and enjoying it and the next day your mind is everywhere.  The living Word all of a sudden doesn't seem so alive!  The reality is Gods word never changes, we are the ones that are dead.  And its usually linked to this next block.

Prayer Block:  We begin to sound like Pharisees.  We chant "Lord you are good, we love you, we praise you"  in the prayer room, yet our minds are thinking about everything else under the son!  Our prayers  are redundant and even boring if we will be honest.  If you are experiencing a prayer block you need to get focused.  When you find yourself going off into a repetitive chant, stop and say "Lord you really are good, and you know why? Because....'.  And begin to list all the reasons the Lord is good to you and how!.  Make your words mean something.  Tell the Lord, " I am bored praying right now, please help me to find this interesting.  Lord I want to have a break through,".  Honestly is the best policy, it doesn't make sense rocking back and forth and chanting gibberish, God knows whats really going on in that brain of yours and He isn't impressed.  But if you ask Him to help you, He gladly will!


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