A Special Weekend

This past weekend was very special to me! And to think I almost forgot why it was so special

Sunday evening before service began I was praying (like we usually do). As I was praying my precious daughters kept interrupting me, like usual.  But it didn't bother me, I was just so happy to have them.  I continued to pray As I fixed my daughters "hair bow" and looked around my church.  And then I remembered.  This weekend 7 years ago was the weekend I started going to the Potters House and was the day that confirmed my decision to be a christian.

I walked into an evening service with P. Gary (wasn't my hubby or a Pastor at the time).  I really had no idea what I was walking in to. I had no idea that this place would be a key part of my life in the years to come.  Now that my hubby and I pioneer a church in North York although the surrounding are not the same as my mother church, its  home all the same.

I felt humbled that the Lord would use us in the capacity he has.  Who new? Tears of joy began to roll down my face(really bad timing, it was just before song service started)  I began to look back on who I was and where I came from.  I am just to happy that I stuck on corse and kept plugging on for Jesus.

So today if your thinking about giving up or throwing in the towel, DON'T!  I had many dark seasons over this past 7 years, but boy was that I didn't make permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances.  

As we went to our Annual Canada Day Outreach and I listend to the stories of peoples heart breaking lives, I can't help but think that could have been me.  As we had our very 1st Annual Canada BBQ & Sport Day yesterday, I thought, what a joy to be apart of.  Watching the saints fellowship, play volleyball/soccer and run an obstacle corse just made be realize if you are saved you are one of the most lucky people on earth.  You have something the entire world is searching for and wants!  We should never take that lightly!

I wish I had taken pictures of our Fun Sport Day & Outreach the day before, but I was too busy having fun that it slipped my mind!


  1. Very encouraging to read, happy spiritual birthday! My six years is coming up on the 28th :) thanks for being a friend when I was a new convert even though you were roughly in that stage too. You're testimony is a great asset to my life and something that I'm many sisters look up to!


    1. Thank you! I remember your early days too! Aw to think we are here after all this time....not that thats a long time but is longer than I planned, don't know about you? I never thought I could stick to anything!


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