Soul Renovations!

So this is Day 2 of my renovations since we had the big flood a month ago.  Yesterday they knocked down the entire bathroom.  I found it absolutely fascinating to see all that lies behind the walls of a home.  Wires, pipes, insulation, sewage and lots of wood.  On the surface all you see is a nicely painted wall but beneath lies a world of detail and complication unbeknownst to the human eye.

I began to ponder  the human soul and is similarity to that of a home.  We can look like a freshly painted wall on the outside, but on the inside wires, pipes and insulation are lurking.  To renovate my home there is a process.  And first the walls had to come down.  Those pretty painted walls had to come down to reveal what was really inside.

PRE STEP: But before we lifted a finger we needed to find someone for the job.  Hire a builder.  I had to find someone that was skilled enough to complete the job.  Ironically I hired my father. He is in the business of renovations!  Well we also have a heavenly father who is in the business of renovations as well!  So firstly you need to call on him!

STEP ONE:Before I can enjoy a gorgeous open concept room downstairs,it had to get really ugly.  And how much more so if I want breakthrough in my own life?  The facade needs to stop.  The cover up needs to go! A favorite pastor of mine once said "Sometimes you need to let your rouge run into your mascara".   Before  we can experience any measure of break through we need to fess up!  We need to admit our character hasn't caught up with our nice church clothes or hair and makeup.  We need to break down the walls

STEP TWO:The next step in my home renovations was throwing out all the junk.  The debris from the walls and demolition need to go.  You have to clean up all the bad habits and practices you have grown accustomed to.  Perhaps your used to wearing the latest clothing but you can't afford it.  Thats got to go.  All the physical things and people in your life that were apart of the old you has got to go!  The sin.  It may look pretty and nicely painted, but its got to go! All that outward sin, you got to cut it off.

STEP THREE:The next step they took was the plumbing and electrical.  They had to rewire all my previous pipes and electricity and channel them into different places.  How many people would agree with us that our brains need a serious rewiring as well?  After we have torn down the walls, repented, cut out all the sin we need to do some rewiring.  We need a renewal of mind the bible says(rom 12:2).  If our brain doesn't change our actions certainly wont.  And if our wiring doesn't change the whole process of break through will just turn out to be an unsightly mess.  If your going to do it, you have to do it all the way.  I can't imagine just leaving my home at this step. Live wires hanging everywhere.  All sort of pipes thank you!

STEP FOURThe last step and probably the most favorite step is the rebuilding phase.  New walls come in, fresh paint, new wood, fresh trims.  The whole nine yards.  This is the makeover stage. The stage where 'old things pass away and all become a new'.  A fresh start, a new look, life with victory.  Now my home hasn't gotten to this stage yet, but there is hope in the process.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  I have faith that no matter how messy my house get, no matter how much dry wall and junk surrounds me, my home will look gorgeous if I continue the process.

Often people begin the process of break through in there lives and they stop part of the way.  They give up before the jobs over.  In the physical for me to do that with my home would be very very foolish.  How much more so in the spiritual?  I encourage you if you are struggling with break through in your life,1) hire a builder:the lord.  2)Begin demolition:loose the cover up. 3)Throw out the junk,4)Call an electrition: Let the lord rewire your thoughts. 5) Hire the Master Carpenter: Let the create of all things remodel your life!  I'm telling you the results will blow your mind! :) And the best part the renovations are absolutely free....the jobs already been payed for by the blood of Jesus Christ!

Love y'all!


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