Life in the Fish Bowl Pt 3

So here's a little inside to what I did last night....
I had a pretty ho hum day.  Cleaned, cooked, taught piano, you know the usual.  And I had to go pick up something from a friend at about 8:30.  As i left my house, I just felt the need to be out!  I am very much a home body but ever once and a while, I need to just let me hair down! Haha!  So through and unexpected round of events, one of the girls in my church and I decided to go to wonderland!  Yep at 9 at night! I suggested maybe they had some kind of late night ticket we could get for cheaper, and then I said "or maybe they will let us in free!!" (half joking of course).

So we pull up to the parking lot and there are no personnel at the parking entrances.  So we just drive through! Free Parking! Score!  So we start running to the entrance!  Figure its late but we could at least get on 2 or 3 rides!  Not to mention the weather had been stormy, so we figured the park would be pretty empty.  As we run up to the entrance, the security lets us through and another lady asks to see our hand stamps.  I said we didn't have any, we came to buy tickets"  then I just blurted out "can we get in for free?"  She looked at us and nodded her head for us to go through!  I was floored!  We went running in, I felt like a kid in a candy store, but with the ability to get it all for FREE!  I couldn't believe my sweet wish had come true.  There is a whole testimony behind that special gift God gave me last night, that I have no time to share and its kinda personal, but I want everyone to know God is interested in the big and small things in your life!  Anything to show you He is God and he loves you and can really do anything!(like get you into an amusement park for absolutely free!)
Abi and I after we went on drop zone!  Freaks me out every time!

So off we ran to Bohemeth. Had to warm up for Laviathan the new 6 story drop!  Poor Abi hadn't even been on one of these roller coasters before!  Imagine for the first ride she ever goes on its Bohemeth!  I didn't know that until we were on our way up!  Oh and there were no line ups at all!  We went on Laviathan second!  I was a bit nervous, you just keep going up and and up! I kept thinking "um if we were on another roller coaster we would have dropped by now".  The moment came and the drop was great, but the ride felt just like Boheemth, so for those who haven't been on it yet, its not really a big deal!

We managed to go on 5 rides in the space of 40 minutes.  That would take an entire day at wonderland!  I really enjoyed it! And needed that unexpected turn of events for my day! Pw's like to have fun too! Even though I am a mom, wife and Pw, there is still a BIG kid inside that loves rides and amusement parks!  Actually there are many childish things I enjoy just time or pride get in the way of enjoying them!

How about you?  Any kid in you?  What crazy things do you want to do but just don't have the time or pride gets in the way?


  1. Love this post! I can definitely relate to God showin you little things to show that you that He is God! How exciting I wish I came and visited then instead of Tuesday so I could have joined the fun! Lol! But I two am a kid at heart! Just get me with kids and you'll see it!

  2. awh i loved this!! i love spontaneous, spur of the moment type things! Im glad you enjoyed yourself and got to let loose! and poor Abi with Behemoth being her first ride!! sometimes i forget people didnt grow up going on roller coasters lol


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