Haven't forgotten about you!

Good Morning Ladies
I missed you guys! I completely violated one of m blog rules!  Consistency!  Usually I blog every to every other day and not weekends!  This past week was a bit of an exception!  But I have great news...the renovations in my house have begun! Yay!  I was so busy last week moving all the furniture out of my first floor and making room for it in the 2rd and 4th floor, blogging completely slipped my mind!  Also I had an eventful weekend.  I got my hair done.  I went to a birthday bbq (all the way in the wilderness...lol), had a movie night at church, went to demtre's,had church...my word I am exhausted.  We were up last night finishing clearing everything out for downstairs! Phew!

Anyhow I am here again! To start the week!  I love mondays! Such a promising time!  Hope for a new week and all the wonderful things to come.  This week is especially great for me, because my home is going to become a home again.  I had shared with you before we will be nocking out the first floor bathroom and opening the whole area up for more of an open concept!  I will post before and after pictures once it is done!  In the mean time, here are some photos from my weekend! :)
Our Sound Man & Slide Girl
Friends Forever Jocelyn & Tiana ( I remember when they were 3-how they have grown!)
Ladies out for Dinner!
Long time friends & Our beautiful Children
Miya playing at the kiddie pools
My Wonderful Daughter & I at the BBQ
Offering Time-Go Sara on Piano!

Our sweet congregation!
Love Birds! :)


  1. Victoria thanks for the reminder that this week is fresh-God can do anything. Needed that reminder today :)

    And red is a wonderful color for you-you are stunning!

    Carly @ ryandcar.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much! I was always unsure about red on me! :) And yes enjoy the freshness of a new week!

  2. Amen for fresh starts!! Goodness knows I sure need them...lol. Your church is growing so much, wonderful to see what God is doing!!!

    1. I know! It blows my mind sometimes! :) I thank our mother church for all of their prayers! :D


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