I have been fortunate over the years to have many friends. Some I have known for many years and others for just a short while. However  all have served a wonderful purpose and added something special to my life. I strongly believe friendships fall into these categories.

Circumstantial Friends: These friends come into your life because a circumstance draws you together. Perhaps you work together, joined a ministry, just got married, or even experienced some kind of loss.  The circumstance draws you together and a friendship is born.  These friendships can be fresh and exciting.  And leave you wondering how come you weren't friends before? Sadly once the circumstance passes often (but not always) these friendships fade.

Sisters:  My first thought for this type of friend was acquaintance, however I do believe Sisters have just a touch more in common than acquaintances.  We have Jesus in common.  They are the precious women you serve God with, year in an year out.  Although you may not talk or fellowship much outside the four walls of church there is a subtle bond that keeps you connected.  The common denominator of the friendship(Jesus) allows an older woman saved for years and a new convert to link hearts.  It causes people from different races and back grounds to come together in one accord.

A God Sent friend:  These friends are ones that come in a time of need.  Perhaps an answer to prayer.   There are times when you nee a friend to meet a certain need.  A friend that can understand what you was going through and what you hope for in a friend.  These friendships we should  value the most because they are Gods gift to us.

Best Friends:  These are the friends that perhaps you grew up with and you were always very very close.  They have that title as your 'best friend', and usually the 'title' is very hard to let go.'
These friends are the ones that it doesn't really matter how often you talk or spend time, the relationship alway picks up where it left off.  You aren't always getting closer,but there is a mutual closeness that life and the tumbles of it just can't diminish.

Seasonal Friends:  They are a bit similar to circumstantial friends, but they come without the circumstances.  For some reason or another you and the person click and seem like you will be friends forever.  Sadly they are only around for a season.  These are the friendships that can let you down when you realize they are over, but take joy in the time you had together.  There is a time and season for everything.  I have had many seasonal friends that hold very special places in my heart. I thank God that I had them through the various seasons of my life

Lifelong Friends:  Ohh what a joy these friends are.  Although you will never know a life long friend until you have lived quite a long time, they are rare, unique and incredibly special.  They could have been birthed out of any of the above categories but for some reason or another they stick around once the circumstance or season passes.  They don't necessarily have to be your "best friend" per say, but they have been apart of your life for years and years.  Your relationship usually does't waver, but stays consistant.  I have been blessed with one friend (Natasha) who I have known since I was in preschool.  I really believe she will be a life long friend to me because we have taken various turns in our lives, gone through many a seasons and still remain friends.  We are not as close as we were growing up, but as adults there has been a consistency in our friendship.  I look forward to see what other Lifelong friends I will have! Only time will tell.


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