Flesh Attack Prevention

Well Good Afternoon to all my lovely readers!  I hope your weekend was wonderful!  My weekend was definitely bitter sweet.  The bitter being that my house is in like Phase 5 messy & dusty.  The sweet being that we had a fabulous revival with Pastor Mike Webb.  It was awesome!  We had visitors show up for each service night after night! We hit  out 50 mark again!  Always exciting to get into the 50's we are always "so close yet so far" :) I truly believe this revival will have a lasting impact on our church and the fruit of it will remain.

Ok so now on to less spiritual things! I am running out of patience! I have noticed that when my life is not in order I am a mess.  I have no patience, I snap easily and just over all feel like a volcano waiting to erupt. (anyone with me?)
At first I was all cool with the renovations and mess.  But then I had to get ready for church.  There is dust and wood chips all over my bathroom that I usually use. Our other bathrooms were temporarily out of service.  My room is covered in dust(including my bed) and the wood upstairs was still being installed.  If that wasn't enough to make my brain explode, Miya had run out of diapers, Tiana had all sorts of qualms about what she would or would not be wearing that day. And I still needed to figure out what to wear.
I was a HOT MESS!

Thankfully I didn't cause any damage and just tightened my grip on my flesh.  But it brought me to the thought that sometimes our 'flesh attacks" really aren't devil provoked but we provoke them.  We cause ourselves to sin by not doing what we need to do to prevent the flesh attack.  See when I wake up early and have my house clean and tidy and think ahead of time, my flesh doesn't have a chance to rear its ugly head.

When I take the time to read and pray with my children in the morning, they don't annoy me half as much.
Now we all have different weaknesses, for me patience is a huge one!  But this really can apply to any struggle.  We need to maintain our flesh and look for ways to keep it tame.  While the holy spirit will help us a great deal, practical things are just as important.   If you struggle with loneliness, listening to r & b and praying in tongues just wont work for you.  Find new music and voila you have tamed the flesh.

I know I know, this isn't always full proof, but with Gods help we can keep a tight reign on our flesh!
Have you had any flesh attacks lately?  What did you do to get a hold of yourself?


  1. Hahaha, I had one of those days today. It is proven that when a child is out of their daily routine their behavior changes ( I see it in all my students) great post, I haven't "errupted" yet and don't plan on after this post.


  2. Planning a wedding is full if flesh attacks because everything seems to take a turn at the last moment! Just when you think you have everything under control, something comes along to test your flesh! I try to deal with it by just doing ONE THING AT A TIME! If I try an focus on more than one task at once, I'm done for! Only 4 more day left!!

    1. and remember it will be all over soon! :)


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