Anti-Laziness Challenge/Boot-Camp

This past Wednesday as you know my hubby preached on 'Laziness'.  I felt  stirred, to push myself and to not be a lazy person spiritually or physically.  Anyhow I had put some things in place to help me (see Check Points for that), but I felt lead to go a step further.  I want to whip my butt into shape and be a more disciplined individual.

For the next 30 days I am taking the Anti-Laziness Challenge/Bootcamp!
I am going to challenge myself to the following, and blog about my experience!  If anyone cares to join me that would be awesome!

Anti-Laziness Bootcamp Rules

1. 6:00 am wake up everyday-No exceptions on weekends! (Yikes! lol)
2. 6:10 AM: morning stretch & jog
3. Attend morning prayer with the kids (if you can't go to prayer just pray at home, but early no going back to bed!
4.  Daily List must include 3 things I don't normally like to do, or usually procrastinate doing
5.  Be listening to the word during idle moments (whether it be sermons, bible, just keeping myself hearing the word!)
6. Read 2 books in the month (your choice of book I am reading, The Jesus I never knew and Why the Church matters)
7.  No snacking, 3 meals a day and that's it!!

So who's with me? LOL


  1. You go girl, tough cycle! lol You know what they say though, 30 days and it's a routine- good luck! :)
    Just curious, because our bodies need to eat in small amounts throughout the day to keep the metabolism stoked (and prevent "survival mode"), why the 3 meals and no snacks?

  2. I am a big snacker! LOl So its just to discipline my stomach!I thought it
    takes longer than a couple hours to go into survival mode? :s, but I like eating small frequent meals. I don't feel super hungry that way! So this should be very interesting! :)


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