Today is our Churches three year anniversary!  I can't believe just 3 short years ago we were packing up to start our very first service in North York!  How fast time has flown!  Birthing a church has been an amazing supernatural experience!  How honoured we are to be apart of something so special.
So to honor this momentous day I will take you back ...

Sunday July 13 2009

Wow, the day finally came!  We are starting our church! I really can't believe it!  Today went really good.  This morning I woke up super excited but very nervous!  Mostly about song service! I have never had to sing and play before.  It was neat packing everything into the van and heading over to the church wth Gary and Tiana.  I felt like we were on a new adventure.  As we stepped into the empty room that would be where we held church I felt even more nervous.  We began setting up and then I left to go pick up Terina.  Karesia had witnessed to her at the invasion team.  By the time we got back my Dad had shown up for our first service, alonf with Akira and Marcia. It was nice to have some familiar faces.  We had 12 people in attendance.  What a wonderful beginning (just like Jesus and his disciples)  SOng servie was rough, my Dad and MArcia were clapping during the fast songs.  But worship was awkward.  So was offerering.  Gary actually had to go pass the plate around. Ha!Ha!  I was not used to that.  And I was left alone to sing! :(   Gary preached on a new life and the butterfly).  He did a really good job!  Afterwards we all went out to swiss chalet for lunch.  Everyone except my Dad!  That was really awesome to fellowship with them.  So this is my life now! I am a Pastors wife!  FUnny it feels no different.  Maybe when my church grows I will feel different?  But I doubt it.  In a way if feels like we are just 'playing church'.  Gary didnt even call himself Pastor.  And I wasn't calling my self Sister either.  I really don't like the sister thing....makes me feel wierd (older)

My farewell servie was back at the mother church that evening!  I had been quite emotionless up until that point!  But i cried like a baby! The moment song service started I was tearing up! And they played Bless the Lamb! Oh my heavens, that really had me crying.  I couldn't believe I was saying goodbye! Mississauga wouldn't be my home any more. I am glad for the time I got to spend there.  I look forward to North York becoming like the Mississauga church.  This is going to be very different for us! Even Tiana is a bit sad to leave all her friends!  I pray God will send some children into the church for her!  I told her she will be my special little lambs helper!  I can't wait to see what God does in this City

Our humble beginnings...about a year into pioneering
Well here we are 3 years later, our 12 has turned to 45.  Our solo song service is now accompanied with drums and back up singers.  P Gary is no longer the usher! LOL.  We feel like a real church now! No longer just 'playing church'.  I tell you God is a MIRACLE worker! He will blow your mind if you just let him! :)


  1. Happy anniversary! I would have loved to text you but didnt want to rack up my phone bill so I limited my texts as I'm here in Arizona. But that is very encouraging to see! Praise God, praying for you always!

  2. Awesome! Happy 3rd Anniversary! My heart rejoices to hear how God is moving in that city and adding members to His body.
    Praise God for His faithfulness, and your hearts willingness to step into this arena. Keep going strong!

    1. Thanks so much! Thanks for your prayers!

  3. Its so cool to see how your church has grown! 3 years Praise God!!!!!!! We're praying for you!


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