These are a few of my Favourite things....

Now this is a story all about how my life got twisted upside down
and id like to take a minute just sit right there
ill tell you how i became...Lady Vee (lol no rhyme ideas)

Well actually I am going to share some my favourite moments of a day in the Life of a Pastors Wife 

1. Lady Vee-Brother Shayo came to our church in the early fall to preach.  He referred to me as Lady Victoria from the pulpit.  I loved it, cause I am not a "Sister typa girl".  From day one I was adamant no one called me "Sister" Victoria.  So Lady Victoria began to circulate around the church until Ryan said Lady Vee!  And I agreed that was me!  Lady Victoria was great but still just a little much for who I am!  LOL  

2. Our First Disciples-This happend about 9 months into our Pioneering Journey. It started with a few, and before we knew it we had a chore of actual saved people!  Thats big when you start a church, cause at first is all religious folks, so when people actually are saved saved!  Your laughing!!

3. Offkey Holy & Annointed one-This had to be the most hilarious song service ever.  I don't know what happend, we were probably 3 months in to it, and we sang Holy and anointed one.  But it was anything but annointed from the moment I started playing piano Gary & I were terribly off key, and then my playing as being jeopardized cause I couldn't stop laughing, so now it was poor Gary singing alone, and me mouthing the lyrics out of fear of letting laughter out of my mouth.  2 girls in the 2nd row were trying so hard not to laugh,one of them actually had to walk out to gain composure! 

4.Marty!Marty!Marty!-By far my most favourite 1 day Revival!.  It was just awesome to have him, in our church.  We hit record numbers that day with over 50 people in attendance! And over 10 people prayed!

5. The new Room-Dec 29 2011-we rang in the new year in our new room.  Our old room seated comfortably 25 people-while we had been cramming in roughly 33-35. Our new room seats 60 comfortably and in some miracle we went from the 30s to high 40s just from changing rooms.  Revival happened when we prepared for rain!  Our largest service on a regular sunday morning has been 54, we are regularly seeing visitors and people locking in!

6. Very First Concert-What a moment that is, to know you went from nothing, to being able to put on a concert scene.  I remember when we first got sent out, going to a Mississauga Concert and thinking it would take us years to get to that point!  But last month we did!  And now we have a drama team, and are really starting to develop as a church.  We have even been off support for over a year!

7. PHNY Gods Bride-My most favourite moment was when I fell in love with my church!  One would think that I would have from day one-and in a later blog I will explain further, but there was this moment I don't know exactly when it happened but I just had this overwhelming sense of love and closeness with my church.  We are a true family of Christ, not just in theory but in reality!  Such an awesome feeling!  I am so thankful for all the people in our church!  

8.Drummerboy-We have a drummer! We have drummer!  Actually we have two! We have two!  Yay!  About a month ago Elis & Mark started taking drum lessons and last week they started playing for service.  It was awesome, we even had a little drum solo breakdown!  It was awesome!  I am so happy, cause I really hated hated hated playing with a drum machine! It absolutely sucks! Haha!

9. Mommy & Daddy-in December Miya started saying Mommy & Daddy very clearly.  And she would call for me from her room!  And if she is upset she yells "Mommy mommy mommy" with such personality.  Now she says things like "Mommy Dirty, clean up" Always fixated on cleaning.  I wonder where she gets that from? LOL

10. We all scream for Icecream:Last week Gary, Tiana, Miya & Myself all went for icecream.  We walked through the mall as a family and as I looked around I realized that was quite a peculiar site.  Families aren't so common anymore, especially black families in our area.  I felt happy,sad, proud and humble all at the same time.  Happy-well for obvious reasons. Sad to see the lack of families, proud to be that example in our area, humbled because if it were not for Christ I would have none of this and I don't deserve it!

11.Terrence Debute "Chilling with the Potters House After Nine"-this past sunday Terence got his hands on a guitar and made up this crazy fellowship song.  The hook was chilling with the potters house after nine-and then we would make a verse up about each person. I wish wish wish, I had recorded it!  It was tooo funny!!


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