A new blog journey begins!

Hola!  So its been a while since I have blogged. I have had a variety of blogs (pregnancy, fasting, sugarless eating) But they were all for a season.  For the longest time I wanted to do one that I would never run out of ideas or topics.  I could never come up with an idea, so I just didn't bother!  Then this afternoon as my kiddos did crazy things, and I was sharing the latest awesome milestone at my church with a friend I thought why not just blog about my life!  Haha!

Alot of times I get asked what is it like to be a Pastors Wife?  Or be a stay at home mom? What do you do? How do you occupy your day? What's the ministry like?  Is it fun? Is it hard? Do you have friends? Do you enjoy it?  What's it like to live in the fishbowl? Haha, and the list goes on. So I plan to take you through the ups and downs of my glorious life of pioneering, mummyhood, being a wife & just being an over all cool person! Haha!  As you can see I've got jokes! LOL

Anyhow just a little back drop, I am 26 (never thought I'd see the day). Mother of two, wife of one!  LOL
My daughters Tiana (8) & Miya (18months) are two of the greatest highlights of my life.  My husband Gary  and I have been married for 5 years May 20th (Essence if your reading, I still want our Poem)  We got sent out in 2009 at the Tucson Bible Conference and started to Pioneer a church in North York. The church is going on its 3 year anniversary this July (yay!)  And is thriving!  And I don't just write that, it really is!  

I look forward to sharing about my experiences as a PW (pastors wife) and encourage those who may ever aspire to ministry, mothers, and just share my life in hopes that it helps yours.  Or at least gives you a good laugh along the way! So please follow along, I will write often, cause so many things happend in my life I really won't be lacking topics! Hehe!!

Me & Arietha-ths singing Duo!


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