I can do it all by myself!

Have you ever watched a child insist on doing something that they were clearly to small to do? Its quite hilarious to watch a determined 18 month old try and drink a smoothie out of a glass with no help from her parents.  What was the result ? A huge mess and a laugh from myself!  It did get me thinking though about how I can get this " I can do it myself thanks" attitude and refuse help when I really probably could have used it! 

When I first had little Miya, I was used to doing every thing on my own. I had it together. Always had my house in order, available for fellowships, able to whip up amazing meals and entertain effortlessly! In my mind there was no reason that should ever change.  Well reality always has a way of waking us up from our fairy tale.  I brought Miya home and was exhausted for the next couple months. But instead of accepting the wonderful help from those around me, I insisted "I could do it myself thanks!" 
And what did that result, just like the smoothie smeared on my daughters face and clothes, I was a dreadful mess! Burnt out and secretly wishing I had accepted !sister so and so' s" offer to clean my kitchen or watch the kids.  Moral of the story, dump the "I can do all things through myself " attitude and make use of those around you, who would love to help!  I have to say when I yielded to my pride I developed very close relationships with those in my church!  As a mom its hard to trust others with our kids, but God trusts us with His children so why should we be any different?
In a pioneer church its awesome when everyone gets involved. And there may not be plenty if ministry available at that time but the ministry of service is always available. Never shun someone's offer to help!  Its better to give than receive, allowing others to help you is not only a blessing to you its a blessing to them!


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