A Growing Girl!

This is my olderst girl!  Many of you know her, and have seen her grow up over the years, but after taking this picture with it slapped me upside the head! "She is becoming a little young lady"
I began to reminisce  about the funny stories from just a baby till now and thought I would share.  
One day she will probably kill me for this! 

Any ones will do:Tiana was a breast fed baby, she has always been a "craving" little child-in other words she loved to eat. One of my friends (who was on the larger 'bust size") when she would hold Tiana  would constantly stick her hands in her shirt and do whatever she could to try to nurse. She knew it wasn't me but didn't care she just wanted to eat!

The Parable of the Lost Grain: At about 10 months when I began introducing solid foods she was in her high chair eating rice.  She dropped a grain of rice in her lap, but still had plenty on her plate, she was determined to find that one lost grain of rice before she continued eating.  It was quite humorous to watch her rummaging around under the tray of her highchair

Sleep Crawling: She was anywhere from 6-8 months, she had just started walking, but stilled crawled aswell.  I had put her to bed as usual. At the time she slept with me, and the mattress was low, so she could easily get out and not fall.  I went to my living room to watch TV.  About an hour later I heard something moving, but then it stopped. I thought perhaps I was hearing things, it kept happening.  I went to get up, and there was Tiana behing the sofa in a crawling position but asleep!
Who Stole the Icing from the Cinabon?: She was about 3, I had bought myself a cinnabon with extra icing, and planned to eat it after I put Titi to bed.  So I decided I would shower first.  When I got out of the shower the kitchen house smelled heavily like cinnabon. I thought thats odd, it wasn't like I had heated it or open the box why does it smell so strongly?  I followed the smell past the kitchen to my living room.  It got stronger the further I got from the box sitting in my kitchen.  Then I took another glance at my box and noticed the icing container was gone.  I slowly walked to Tianas room, thinking I didn't even put the box in her sight, I didn't mention to her I had bought it ,how on earth did she know at 3 years old?  I looked in her room it was dark and it "appeared" she was sleeping.  The smell was very strong as I slowly walked towards her.  There was no evidence she took it, I pulled back the covers and there it was in her hands, while the other hand was covered in icing.  I looked closely at her and there was icing all over her mouth with a slight grin on her face as she was "sleeping".  I didn't know whether to be mad or laugh!  

Little Micheal Angelos: Pam & Jocelyn had come over one day.  While the girls played Pam & I just chatted and were relaxing on my sofas. We were laughing it up until we realized the kids had been in Tianas room for a very long time & they were very quiet!  So we jumped up and opened the door to see if they were okay! About 3 & 4 years of age at the time, we found them in the room black & red markers in hand. They had covered a whole wall in marker, but the funny part was so they had colored each other with marker as well.  I wish I had taken a picture, little Jocelyn literally was covered in black marker her face was covered, tianas face was covered aswell, there arms, legs it was everywhere! Pam & I roared with laughter as we put them both in the bath and watched the water turn black! Thankfuly the marker was washable and came off the walls & children with no problem!

The list could go on of funny stories those are just a few, if you have any funny stories you have experienced with Titi please do comment!  I know Alisha has a whole book of funnies about Tiana! She is our family comedian! And although she has grown up to be a little lady she continues to give me a laugh with all the crazy things she does!


  1. I'll pretty much never forget Tiana hiding under the table agter Bible Study asking Alisha to give her a chip! LOL

  2. Arighty lets think... so many so many...

    One of my favourites:
    It was Lisa's bday and we had cake inside of tiana's room. Victoria had a piece of cake in between where her and Tiana were sitting (unwise on her part since that is probably equivalent to putting your head in an alligator's mouth). Within 2 seconds, Titi managed to say "Mommy, can I have some?" Gulp!... shoved the entire thing in her mouth before Victoria could gasp for the breath that would have said NO! Lool soo funny...

    Also, anytime she asked me for my food and I said no, her response would be "God says to share". However there was a time when I used her infamous line on her and her response was "Alisha, it's not nice to beg people for their food" hahaha

    I miss that lil teeter totter:p Lol


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