Girls just "Have" to Have Fun!

Me & The Girls at Pickle Barrel (downtown)
This weekend I had the opportunity to go downtown for an outreach! I wasn't sure if I would end up going, but when I got the green light from Gary, I was thrilled!  I just love downtown! The lights, the excitement, the atmosphere, over all its a great place to visit!
We rode the subway(My first time on the new ones hehe!)  We got there about 7:30 and as I stepped off the bus onto Dundas Square and could vaguely see  My mother church & my own church witnessing in the crowd I had a thought "How lucky I am to be apart of something like this".  Every year we go down town and street preach, although its a common tradition in the North York church, just being in the "downtown" atmosphere creates an added excitement.  We all circled around and sang, and one after another people took the mic and shared the gospel.  I was proud of my church as we cheered on relentlessly.  I think I lost feelings in my hands from clapping so much.  I had already lost my voice from cheering before it was my turn to street preach.  If truth be told I was "chicken"and really didn't want to do it!  Pastor Dan said "You have to your the "Pastors Wife"".   Uuugggh the stigma! But thank God for the pressure! LOL  So I did it,  basically shared my testimony and said how I went from a single mom to a pastors wife and God is in the business of restoring lives, and can change you. Hilarious Story:In the midst of my preaching, I was looking at the Muslims and wanted to say there is only One God, lol and I blurted out "there is only one  "Allah"".  I attempted to correct myself and ranted about how no other religion is the way, not mormonism, buddism, JW's, Muslim,only Jesus and born again christianity!  Whew, what a adrenaline rush that was!!

A "PW Moment"
When I first sent out I was trying to "find myself".  To figure out what type of Pastors Wife I would be!  When I first started out, I was very unsure of myself, and even felt inadequate for the ministry.  I was just so "Victoria like" haha!  Not "PW" material!  But God has graciously showed me "Victoria like" is exactly what He wants me to be, cause He created me!  The last thing I want in my christianity is to begin to get stale and funky!  I am learning, I can't divert from the things that got me fired up in the first place.  7 years ago I stood on the same corner and street preached for the first time, and it was just as exhilarating, just as special 7 years later. As a "PW", I want to be a witness for God, not just seen as the Pastors wife who plays piano & sings.  I want to be seen for who I am, who God created me to me! After all PW is only a title, its what you do with that that counts!  
Moral of the Story: Stay excited about Jesus! And if your not anymore, maybe you need to do some street preaching or personal outreaching! :)


  1. I like your story. It's nice that your able to share your adventures of life in,a fish bowl. Lol that is a book title btw for pw's...LOL


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