Mother of Two Becomes Mother of Three...not technically!

Jodiel & Miya at the Park
I can already hear the phone calls, and circulation of the assumed news! "Victoria is going to be a mother of three!"  Well sorry to burst any bubbles of those living vicariously through me, I am not pregnant!  However, in the last two days I started baby sitting this lovely little boy, who has begun already to feel like a son to me! Now you know I have two gorgeous girls, that always keep me on my toes, but I always wondered what a boy would be like? I told myself that I will not have another baby unless I am completely satisfied if I have a girl again!  Over the last little while I finally reached that point.  But God has given me the opportunity to see what it would be like to have a son!

His name is Jodiel, and he will be two in July.  He is the son of a sister from my church. On monday through a set of circumstances a need was presented to me.  I wasn't asked to watch him, but I knew of the need, and I knew I could help.  Recently in the church there have been many  needs, people needing places to stay, people needing finances, advice, clothing and the list goes on. Ofcoarse not ever need can be met, but we should try and help those if we can.  I felt very challenged by the needs, and watching the faithful members in the church meet the needs of each other.  It convicted me very much and brought such joy to watch sisters willing to open there homes to strangers, or offer up there time to help a fellow friend.

It dawned on me how often we only help if it will not interfere with our comfort.  We air on the side of caution, and "wisdom" and are hesitant to help people to the point of our own discomfort or sacrifice.  This is a very selfish attitude and one I have been guilty of one to many times. This week God really showed me how selfish I am, and even though I pray not to get too comfortable where I am, unless I make efforts that are contrary to a "comfort filled" life style, I inevitably will become comfortable, and nine times out of ten too much comfort leads to 'LUKE WARMNESS'  

I also realize much like my "I can do all things myself blog" when you give its better than receiving, and I love being of help.  And that squirrely attitude that screams for comfort and me me me, seems like an afterthought when I take the plunge and help someone.  

My Day

Today Jodiel arrived at 8.  I usually give them breakfast, and the we watch "My Baby Can Read" (a must get for any mother).  I took them to the park, but it was rather cold so i had to bring them in after 15 minutes. We came back ate and off to nap they went!  Like little angels they are sleeping now!
Cute story: Miya is loving having Jodiel around and likes to copy what he does.  Usually Miya is a bit timid about new things, but when she saw Jodiel at the park yesterday with not a fear in the world climbing up the slide-she was determined to do it to.  By the end of our visit she was almost able to get up the whole slide without my assistance.  Today she says "Mommy Park" And when we got there she was off for that slide once again! And she climbed it!  Cute to see the influence they have on one another!


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