Almost Single...48 hours of freedom

There is a saying...The grass is greener on the other side...well it is!  šŸ˜‰
After being married 10 years, 3 kiddos later, I was able to have the first weekend to myself  in over 7 years!  The kids went to their grandma's and Mr.Man went to Bible conference and it was just me, myself and I....wahhhhooooo

Ok...before I gloat too much.... let me say, yes I know the Bible says to be content in whatever state you are in.  And believe me...I love my 10 year marriage, pastor wifing, kiddo filled life that's  Vee's.

But 48 hrs of freedom...come on... a girl can have a little fun can't she? I would be a liarlif I didn't say I enjoyed it a little bit...ok maybe alot!

Here are my top 5 things Faves of Almost Single Life!

1) Cooking is optional...I was able to eat out, not eat, have cereal for name it...the world was my oyster!
2) Sleep the heck in...sadly I was only able to sleep in until 9... but I woke up naturally. Not to a cry, not to a shout, not to something burning in the kitchen!
3) Night life...most mom's night life consists of her robe and her pillow .That's as exciting as it's gonna get.  Unless of course you want to be a monster mom in the morning hungover from a late night fellowship!
4) Outreach!  I was able to attend an outreach sans children.  Yes, I could always go and have people help me, but there's nothing like being able to witness without worrying if your child had just been raptured as you attempt to share the gospel.
5) Time waits for me...they say time waits for no one. And only expidites when hubby and kids are added to the equation.  I am constantly on a race against time. Sans kids, sans hubby..geez Louise, I have all the time in the world to get ready, even change my outfit a few times, heck I even have time to contour my face!

Sadly...I mean thankfully the party came to an end and everything returned to it's rightful place.  With Valentine's day approaching I know it can be a time that can be hard for some women.

I just wanted to encourage you to focus on the perks in your life. Grab some gal pals and have a Happy Galentines day!  Paint the city red...because  the grass really isn't  any greener on the other side. They are just equally brown! Ha!

Love ya!


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