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*This year I am excited to introduce a new series to my Blog called 'Almost A Mom's by Kaela
She will take over my my posts a couple times a month to share her perspective of motherhood!  I find this absolutely hilarious, because this is basically a day in my life...  I hope you enjoy this new series.  Kaela is a sister from my church that isn't a mom...she steps into my life every Monday...let's read about today's journey*

Over the past few weeks I’ve been graced with opportunity to experience motherhood thanks to my dear friend Victoria. This was an arrangement that sort of just happened.

I offered to watch her kids on Monday’s so she could get some work done, which at first seemed like it would be a breeze given that I had babysat her kids countless times before. After day 1, I quickly learnt that babysitting for a few hours in a day and babysitting for a whole day are two different worlds.
Before I began this “Almost A Mom” journey, I never understood the great difficulty of being a stay at home mom. I believed that cooking, cleaning and sending the kids to school were easy chores. On a large scale they seem like easy chores, but when you consider the details that must take place in order to complete these chores it’s quite a task. For example, my monday’s usually involve me doing light house cleaning. This task can only be accomplished in one or two ways.
If Preston is occupied by eating something or He’s sleeping.
There’s only so much time he can spend eating, and I usually like to reserve his nap time as my nap time too(I NEEED IT!). If none of these factors are in play, cleaning becomes a hassle because either Preston won’t let me out of his sight or he feels like making my cleaning counterproductive by constantly creating new messes. I now completely understand why some stay at home parents send their kids to daycare. I GET IT!

Some days make me excited to wait 40 years before I have 1 child. Other days like me dying of laughter while Miya and fail terribly at making slime or the kids having a mini dance party remind me why people choose to have 11 kids.

Overall this “Almost A Mom” experience has not only given me insight into the challenges of being a stay at home mom or just a mom in general but has also brought on personal growth and revelations. I have definitely learnt how to stretch my patience. Recently, I began to notice how irresponsible I can be although with God’s help and Victoria’s too, that will soon change. lol.

Over the next few weeks, with no commitment to consistency, I will be sharing with you all the good, bad and ugly of being “Almost A Mom.”

With love,


  1. Thanks Kaela for sharing! I am thoroughly going to enjoy this series! Keep em coming!💃

  2. Can’t wait to read more ! Don’t wait 40 years tho girl haha

  3. You are such a blessing wherever you go baby girl. I believe you will make me a Granma of 11 before 40 and know that Miya and Preston look forward to Mondays. May God continue be your guiding light.


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