Influencer vs Influenced

When I was in grade 4, my friends and I  snuck off the school premises for lunch and headed to McDonald's. We didn't have permission, nor did we have money, but non the less we went.  We returned after recess thinking we had got off scott free. Once we stepped through the school doors, we were quickly ushered into the principals office.
Our parents were called, and BIG TROUBLE was knocking on our doors. They kept asking us 'who's idea was this?'.
Lips sealed  tightly, we united and decided if we were gonna go down, we were gonna go down together (pretty impressive for a bunch of 9 year olds)
When my mom arrived  she said 'I know who is behind all of this'. The principal looked at her with a confused look. 'It's my daughter, she's the ring leader!' She was was my bright idea! I was the bad influence! Lol
Fast forward 20 years and I thankfully am no longer a negative influencer, but it sparks the thought 'Are you an influencer or are you being influenced?'
We all have been both at some point but by nature some of us are more likely to be influenced or influence!
Being a PW I am put in a position of influence whether I like it or not. Eyes are always watching. I always aim to set a good example, watch my tongue, conduct and attire.
If I am going to influence, I want it to be in a positive, God glorifying way. Not how I influenced as a 9 year old child.
As Christian's though we are called to be a light to this world. So whether or not you have always been an influencer or influenced, we have a commission. To influence the world for Jesus!
My question today is when is comes to Christianity and the commission, madate we are called to as Christian's, have you been an influencer, or are you just been influenced by Christianity!
Let us not just be takers, let us be a LIGHT in the dark, cold world!


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