Dealing with a Break Up 🇯🇲

Have you ever had a bad break up? Or one that wasn't mutual?  You really wanted to keep it going, but for some reason or another it had to end.  Well.... I just experienced a rough break up!
One that I have to admit, I am struggling with as we speak! 
What break up is it that I speak of?
JAMAICA....we broke up and now I want you back!!!Lol
I recently got back from the trip of a life time!
My better half and I were graced with the opportunity to go to Jamaica for ten days. Seven of which we would do a church mission trip/invasion team. Three of which we would live it up on a luxury resort and live like royalty!
All of it was amazing! Words really can't express!  I got to experience all of Jamaica!  The fancy, 'resort' Jamaica, and the real hustle and grind, jerk chicken on the corner, lizards everywhere Jamaica.
I loved it all!
Three things that stood out most to me were:

#1-The people: From the workers I met on the resort, to the church members or locals on the street, Jamaican people are pretty phenomenal.  Many of them work so hard, children are on the sleep hustling to sell and pay for their school fees. All foreign concepts to a first world country! Thepeople in the church really touched my heart, and will be greatly missed by me!

#2- The Ocean
I will forever be a lover of all things H20. I adore bodies of water. Swimming in the ocean was a dream. It was absolutely the most peaceful thing My skin loved it. It really soothed my eczema.  Though, I only got to swim for a few days because where we stayed was up in the mountains, I enjoyed every second of it!
Jamaica is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen. The lush greenery, cascading mountains, and Crystal clear waters are just heaven on hearth. That paired with such welcoming, friendly ,good vibes-y people! 

#3-Warm Walks to morning prayer!  Ever heard someone tell you a story about when they were younger and had to walk to school every morning up hill both ways!  I never understood that concept, until walking to prayer in Jamaica. I miss that so much. The walking, the warmth, the morning prayer setting.  Gassshhh those break up hasn't been easy😌

Man I have to go back...soon!!
Any of you who went on the trip with me suffering from Jamaica withdrawal?
Here are a few pictures from my trip!


  1. I didn't go but i'm empathizing with you...i saw videos from the trip and it seemed like a lot of fun.

  2. I didn't go either but it looked like you guys had tons of fun wish I had went but there's always next time if God tarries 😊

    1. Yes!!!! It would be awesome if you could go!


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