Something about Airplanes?

Something about being thousands of feet up in the air always makes me feel closer to God. I mean technically....
Enough of that. A few times when I have been on plane rides I am moved to tears. I look down at God's beautiful creation and just feel overwhelmed. I am grateful of the life God has given me. If it weren't for Jesus I would not be on this plane travelling to Jamaica for 10 days with the most amazing man on earth.
Being up this high gives much perspective. From a far the world looks so beautiful. You see a finished product. It reminds me of what God sees when he looks down at us.
As I decend into Kingston Jamaica my heart is unbelievably full. What an honor and privilege it is to be able to go on this mission trip along with celebrate 10 years of marriage with my husband. I am so grateful.  My life really would have had a different story without Jesus and moments like this I am reminded of that.
I feel like am living a fairy tale that I don't deserve. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to just make things sound better than they are.  My life is not perfect but it's pretty amazing.  And the most amazing part is Jesus. Oh my Jesus, how I love him, thank you for saving me and giving me this wonderful opportunity!
More Jamaica BLOG posts will be up this week!


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