Clean with Me Vee & Method Products Review

Growing up my mom was the cleanest lady I knew.  Probably still is. I remember any time we had guests, she would say sorry excuse the mess. I would look around bewildered by perfectly immaculate house hold and think 'this lady is losing it'. I was convinced that she actually could see germs in their molecular state! That was the only way I could justified the insanity.
Fast forward 30 years and here am I following in her shadows. Maybe it's genetic? I am not complaining, being inherently clean isn't a problem for me. However I wasn't always this way. Once my teens hit I had zero desire to keep things to my mom's standard.  When I first got married 10 years ago, I had a wake up call. I was not nearly as clean and tidy as I needed to be as a new wife. I knew how to shove things in closet and drawers so the general area looked nice. Sweep the main areas, but I neglected the corners. And scrubbing behind my fridge?  You have got to be kidding me?  Who the heck had time for that?
That was me!  It's funny to look back at now. Anyhow it seemed to take me years to get to this point. 10 to be exact. So here are a few things/habits that I wish I knew 10 years ago.

1) Be a Minimalist- believe it or not, I don't enjoy cleaning, so the less crap I have, the less I have to clean. The trick here is to value a clean home over having a ton of crap.  Once you can reconcile are good to go.

2) Contain the Mess-  I started this in highschool, but refined my system. Any cupboard in my home houses a container. I am sure I have a post here somewhere discussing the 50+ bins I probably have in my home. These bins serve a function. To keep mess contained and localizded. Organized mess I like to call it. Have a bin with all your hair items, body care, ect.  This way when it's time to clean up you know exactly where to throw things. Phase 1 is getting things in the right bin. Phase 2 will be getting in there neatly. All in good time :)

3)Clean Often- this seems a bit counterintuitive for someone who doesn't like to clean. But trust me, if you don't like cleaning this is your golden ticket. What would you rather, a quick spray and wipe down of your shower every day or spending 30 minutes scrubbing the soap scum off the walls?  Not to mention cleaning things that already are pretty clean just tends to feel more satisfying.  Prevention is always better than cure my friends :D

Hope some of these tips help you. I recently started using a new line of cleaning products. For years I have been making my own cleaning supplies, however my hubby isn't big on the vinegar smell and to be honest at times all natural products just don't get the job done! So I decided to try out Method products.  They are plant based and environment friendly, which is a big deal to me having small children and a son that gets into everything.
Here's a review on what I have used:

Method All Purpose Spray$4.99- Love the way this smells and tend to use it to clean my powder room.

Method Wood Cleaner $5.99- Not really a fan of this product. The smell isn't very appealing and I don't find it gives much of a Polish. Doesn't seem any different from a regular multi surface spray. So for the extra $1 forget it. Won't be buying again.

Method Foaming Bathroom Spray $4.99- Yes, yes and yes to this product. It foams which is always a good sign for a bathroom cleaner. Not to mention it smells divine. But what got me was when I went to use my shower 8 hrs later and my shower still smelled just as good from cleaning it. This was my favorite of the 4 products I bought

Method Granite Cleaner $4.99- It's fine. I think I would just use the all purpose cleaner in its place on my counters. I don't find it does anything.  The smell is nice but it lacks that wow factor.
What cleaning products do you use? Any natural favorite you would recommend?


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