Magical Moments of Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks.
We can hear it so much it begins to lose it's sentiment.

Usually around Thanksgiving I become very 'intentional' about being thankful. This year however, my thankfulness sort of came on rather organically.

Yesterday for example,  I was in the kitchen just laughing with my kids as they tickled me. I can't put into words the sheer joy and pain of having two little people tickle you half to death!

This evening the kids and I had very untraditional low key Thanksgiving together(beef stir fry and jello on the menu). We blasted 'I'm Trading my sorrows' by Isreal Houghton and just enjoyed being together.

I was filled with such a sense of pleasure bringing them to do some last minute groceries with me. Ironically I had been dreading the very process. But turned out being fun holding the bathroom door open while one kid was using the toilet and the other was in the grocery cart watching our groceries.

I also had the opportunity to teach an art class at my daughter's school and I was asked by the children what I was grateful for. The first thing that came to mind was my family but specifically my kiddos.

While they drive nutty nine times out of ten, we really had some special moments this week I just wanted to document. To capture this magical feeling of gratitude for them.

They won't be this little forever. There will be a day that my youngest daughter won't  say 'mommy can we just do something special together'(which she always says right after we have just finished doing something 'special'lol). There will come a day my son doesn't look at me like and the light of his world and I won't always have to pry him off me.

So this Thanksgiving I sit in sheer Mommy Bliss. Grateful for the children God has given me!

What are you thankful for?


  1. Ugh, "they won't be little forever" has never been as real to me as it is today !
    Thankful for friends and family to share memories with :)

    1. Omgsh Mrs Wright! Pleased to see you over here! Lol. But ya enjoy every second of Landon's tiny-ness.


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