Just Zip it Challenge

One of the easiest scriptures to memorize, always used in hindsight and most likely to be broken...Be slow to speak and Quick to listen! James 1:19
After 10 years of marriage I can attest, that had I just gotten a handle on this from day 1, I would have saved myself much unnecessary disagreements.
Being 'slow to speak' doesn't just fair well in marriage, it is beneficial in friendships, at work and even with your children!
That being said, I decided to challenge myself to a word fast!  No, I won't be refraining from speaking altogether, but I am going to challenge myself to practice 'being slow to speak and quick to listen'.
Here's what the challenge entails:
1)Just Wait- Any opinion that I have about anything will be given a 20 second pause before sharing.  I will ask myself questions like 'is this edifying to say?' 'will this hurt someone' 'do I really need to say this?
2) Just Zip it-when I am upset with anything I will choose to zip it and pray. This is going to be a HUGE challenge. But I have experienced more done in prayer than hashing it out in an argument. I will pray for God's direction before opening my mouth.
3) Just Listen-Have you ever listened to someone, but were more so waiting to say what you had to say. I am going challenge myself to just listen to people to listen to them. Not insert myself, and my options.  Just listen because that's what often people need and appreciate. A listening, caring ear!
This challenge will run for the month of November!
Anyone who wants to join, comment down below and share your 'just zip it stories'


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