Take me to the 50's

Anyone else just love the 50's era?
Must be my old fashioned soul, but something about rolled up pin curls, aprons and dusting (which I am allergic to)just sound like a jolly good time.

Being a stay at home mom, I take my job pretty seriously and am always looking for ways to improve, be more productive and look effortless sauve at it.

I did a little research on these 50's momma's and can I say...they know how to get the thang done. I decided for a week to do the '50's challenge'. I researched a 50's routine and am going to follow it the best of my ability. 

My week of doing things the 50's way came at perfect timing with my daughter starting back at school. Something about making paper bag lunches definitely screams 50's. And hosting a welcome bbq at her school.  While I don't think half the amount of dusting they did necessary, I liked that the women in the 50's took pride in being mothers and wives. Last month I was at my neighbors baby shower and one of the guest asked me if I was a stay at home mother. Reluctantly I said 'yes I am'. I was reluctant because I was in a room filled with teachers and 'career' woman. The lady said to me ' I can tell by how well your children's demeanor. She said she has taught for over 20 years and the  most well adjusted children are those with stay at home mothers. She encouraged me never to be ashamed of being a stay at home or let anyone make remarks like 'well what do you do at home all day?'

Now this isn't to put down working moms at all. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. It's hard for one hand to clap in this country.  But there was a time when a woman's primary focus was the raising of her children and success of her marriage. Spending a week doing the 50's challenge just reminded me of what my core values are.
  As a pastors wife at times I can go full on into pw mode. Special music practices, fellowships, cooking classes, hospitality ministry and the list goes on and on. But there are times I have to remind myself that is not my #1 calling. And if ever my duty to my kids and Hubby see slipping it's all in vain. 


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