8 Years and Counting

Wow.... our church anniversary came and went and I didn't even write about it.

Probably because I wasn't even at church that day. My son had gotten very sick (perfect timing) so I was in mommy mode.

However....here we are 8 years later. Truly it has flown by. I probably say this every year, but PHNY has got to be the best church on the planet. Sure it gives me a few gray hairs every now and again, but what good church doesn't?

This year our church is growing in terms of maturity of the believers. Lots of weddings and babies. 5 weddings? Maybe 6? A few more on the way. Babies non-stop. It's really encouraging to see people who came in all messed up and out of their minds, grow up, mature, get married and start a family.

It's a new stage for our church that's for sure! With every stage comes it's pros and cons. I will forever miss the small church feel but have grown to love looking out on Sunday morning at the large crowd of worshipping faces.

When I am having a rough week, as I sit and play piano for worship I lift my eyes up to the congregation and see hands lifted and I begin to look at the faces. People who have been with us as long as 7 years and and new as that service and it makes all the sacrifice worth it.

God bless you PHNY, HAPPY 8 year anniversary and here is to many many more!  Let's take North York for Jesus 😀

For more info on our church check out Phny.ca


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