The Special Treatment Challenge

A few weeks ago a sister in my church requested another challenge after enjoying the 'no gossip' challenge.

Towards the end of last year, I found a quote that said 'Live your life in such a way that makes those around you feel special'. The ability to make others feel special, valued and loved truly is a gift.  A gift that not all of us possess or excersise on a daily basis.

This year I didn't set many resolutions (a bit worn out from last year's 30 for 30 lol).   However, the idea of making others feel special stood out to me as one to add to my list for 2017. 

Have you ever had someone make you feel like you were the only person that mattered to them at that moment? In a world that is becoming more and more self focused, being treated this way is sadly becoming less common.

So here's the 30 day challenge.

Every day make someone you know or don't know feel special.

This can be as simple as warmly greeting an absolute stranger. Or stopping to talk to that 'annoying sister at church'. I encourage you to look for the underdogs and under appreciated. People that seldom receive accolades and praise.

I often look for ways to make others feel special and not only is it a blessing to them by showing the love of Jesus. It in turn ends up being a blessing to myself. When I get caught up in my own problems and life, making another feel special takes the focus on whatever qualms I have and brings immediate joy!

Here's to 30 days of special treatment :)


  1. I really like the idea of this challenge, it won't be easy.. but I'm up for it!

  2. Im down for a challenge i like this!

  3. Hopefully this challenge will change the dynamics of our church to better it even more!

  4. So this is why peopke keep saying hi to me loll :p love this idea!


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