The Curse of Perfectionism

Wowowowow.  Today God gave me a revelation. This doesn't happen every day, so when it big deal.
So a little back drop.  I am an undercover perfectionist. I never really considered myself one . I won't go claiming it(I want to appear somewhat kewl you know?) Clearly in denial!
But the truth is, I have/ HAD a serious  problem.
I am also  an extremists, so either I strive for perfection or I am a hotmess. USUALLY on the perfect side though☝  Lol I also want to preface this by saying that I am not advocating slobbery or laziness.  Anyone who is a perfectionist  knows the spirit I am about to speak of! Lol
Anyhow, today was stressful. Mondays usually are for me.  It's the start of a fresh  week.  The house is a mess from the sunday church storm that hits as we get ready for church and the fellowship tornado that passes at night.  We are all tired, the kids are off routine and basically the day is dedicated  to getting refocused for the week.
How 'smoothly' monday goes, tends to make or break my week.  By the evening,  I am either in bliss from productivity  or frustrated from the lack of. Unfortunately the latter rang true today. Why couldn't I just get it all done? What is wrong with me? I am sure all the other moms and wives have it together? These thoughts echo in my mind while I fold my laundry,  ticked with myself that it wasn't done earlier today. 
Every little thing begins to send me in to a tangent.  Then comes the mom guilt and wife guilt. You feel bad for being snippy and grouchy and that only adds to the funk of the day.
As I begrudgingly  fold my daughters laundry 'after hours' God met with me. My problem... is my desire to be perfect.  Be the perfect mom, wife, friend, pastors wife even. I want everything to be  just so. I set a nearly impossible standard for myself and if I reach it I am filled with all sorts of stay at home mom pride.  But when I don't...
Thank God for His still small voice that met with this frazzled mama...
Striving for perfection is attempting to make yourself like a God. There is only one perfect man who HAS and WILL ever live.  Only one perfect being and His name is Jesus Christ. Not Lady Vee
So unless I am trying to be lucifer 2.0 my days of perfection striving are done...over...caput...finito..syenara...and good night!!
Hope you enjoyed my monday night musings!
Here's to a good average week!  Filled with spilled milk, tasks that may not get done and that load of laundry that gets forgotten  in the washer! 


  1. Amen! Perfect will make you crazy. I'm in the season of "good enough". :) Great reminder!


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