Tools = Success

This year I have made many lifestyle changes. I have become very much a minimalist, becoming  more effective with my time.
The other night, I was thinking 'how much easier certain things are for me that used to be challenging?'. Recycling for instance.
Or keeping under my sinks in order.

I realized the reason I have been able to keep my goals of minimalistic living, are because I have the right 'tools' to help me 
Something as simple as keeping a clear bag in my kitchen for recycling items has made recycling all the easier. Bins strategically placed, not to mention less stuff overall have greatly helped my quest for minimalism and an organized, productive life.
My little recycling revelation sparked a thought about my spiritual goals, and how  daunting some of them can be at times. Perhaps the reason some of our spiritual goals are never reached is because we are lacking the right tools.
Ofcouse we need the spirit of God to take on any spiritual task, however there are some practical tools that can help us achieve our spiritual goals.
Here are a few that help/are helping me
1)Phone reminders to read/pray:
This is the era of the smart phone. Our phones are often attached to our hips now a days. So use your phone to remind you to read, pray and outreach ect.
2) Get a good bible app- while I prefer to read from a hard copy of my bible, it just doesn't always get to happen. If I am out and have down time opening my bible app is easy and convenient. Some bible reading is better than no bible reading because you don't have your bible on you!
3) Use the right translation -Do make sure to read a good translation, but explore translations on your app and see what's right for you.
4) Get a bible journal.  This is for the not so technologically savvy people out there. Get yourself a pretty note book, fancy pen and use it daily to journal about what you have read.
5) Buy a new bible. Whenever I am in a bit of a 'spiritual slump', I buy a new bible. The new pages that haven't been touched entice me to read through them and sort of 'break'my bible in. It's like a fresh start...and who doesn't like a fresh start?
These are just a few tools I use to help me keep my spiritual goals and my relationship with God fresh.  These tools also help me to be consistent and stay on track.
There will always be some seasons that are better than others, but if you have the right tools in place even when you fall off track, it's much easier to get back on.


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