Lose weight, The Lady Vee Way-snapping back after having a baby

Time and time again people are shocked when I tell them I have three children.   People  are always  amazed  of how quickly I snap back to my regular  weight.

While genetics may play a large factor in how 'quickly ' one snaps back, it does not determine ones ability TO snap  back.  Though,   I have not had to do a whole lot to snap  back, I do have a few tricks/ tips and just general  lifestyle  practices I have that keep me slim & trim!

So anyone who has had a baby recently or is looking  to shed a few pounds, this post is for you!! I am going to do it in parts,  that way no one gets ahead of themselves!

I do want to preface this post by saying,  this is not for women who are pregnant,  or for women who have a baby under three months. Pregnancy and the first few months after  having a baby are not the time to be worrying  about losing  weight!  Enjoy this time, eat and be merry and then when the time comes, read these posts :D

Week One

SAY good bye to Calorie Drinking!

The first step to losing weight  or snapping  back after having a baby is to stop drinking your calories!   This week you need to say goodbye  to all sugary beverages. Yes this includes  '100% juice'  lol.  Water only, for one week!

To make this a little easier, you are still free to eat whatever the heck you want! 
Pizza, cake, cookies, you name it!!  Nice diet eh?
Just refrain for  drinking  calories!

Some of you may be thinking  'isn't that counter productive?' Absolutely  not!  To lose weight in the long run you need to change your habits!  Start small and gradual!  Crash diets  and several restrictions end to binge eating  and eventually  quitting  or yo-yo dieting. Very unhealthy  for your body!

Drinking calories are the most wastefully way to consume calories because beverages don't fill you up!  They do however  make you fat! What a paradox if you ask me!!  The average person drinks 3-5 glasses of juice a day, plus a sugar filled coffee/tea.  This doesn't even factor in slurpies, bubble tea or those fancy Starbucks drinks. At minimum people are drinking  500 calories a day!  That's almost Big Mac!

I would rather eat the big Mac thanks!! 

What if I don't like water?  Most people  don't prefer water because they are just not used to drinking it. Tell yourself "if I drink this glass of water with my meal I can have a treat'. If your mind still thinks it will get the sugar,  drinking  the water will be much easier!

Here's to week one!

Next week we will take a look at sugary food consumption!   But this week...please don't change how you eat...change what you drink!!!


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