PW Perks

This morning I began to think about the perks of being a Pastors Wife!  I have to say,  the majority of the time it out weighs the peevs!  Here are a few....

Friends Galore!
The pw is a blessed women, because usually everyone wants to be her friend!  She always has people that want to get to know her and befriend her! What a blessing it is!

Help Help Help!
Being a pw people are always more that happy and willing to help or be of assistance.  And if your talk about royal treatment!

Gods Favor

I really believe that there is a special favor God places on the PW for all her sacrifices and hard work.
I look at my life and feel so blessed and realize it's the favor of God!

Being a pw you get to watch your church grow, peoples lives changed and touched by the Gospel! It affects you in a way like no other because you personally have given your life to this congregation!  The joy you feel is incomparable to anything else!

Eating out!
Of course I had to throw this in there, but I love me some good food!  Being a PW you go out with people more than the average person!  To me it's a double whammy...good food and good fellowship!  Can life get any better???

While being a PW of course has had it's many challenges for me, and isn't always fun...more often than not it's been a blessing and honor to live my life this way!


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