Pw Peevs

Or he mentions you in his sermon and the entire church looks
back at you...this is why I should sit at the front LOL

Since becoming a PW I have had my share of odd, awkward and not so fun moments...I thought I would share

Pastor didn't tell you?
People will go to my husband and tell him something and then expect he told me. Then the moment comes up and I am standing there with a dumbfounded look on my face thinking 'ohh I had no idea' hate when that happens...

Always last to find out!
Sometimes you are close with some sisters and you talk with them quite regularly. Only to find out they told hubby something first instead of you.  Or worse they didn't even tell you, but everyone else knows!! Not that you're upset(well maybe a little) just think 'uh okkkayy, just wondering why you didn't come tell me?

That's the Pastors Wife
I have mentioned this is past blogs...but what if I am having an off say my name and title and immediately guess who has to be bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Some days I just want to be me.  So next time if someone asks who the pastors wife is...'she's around somewhere' even if I am standing right there! HAHAHAHAH

Malcom in the middle
One person has a problem with another one and the pw just sits there wondering...what do i say?
We can't take any sides...even if we wanted to!  SO we just tell you the best thing we can "talk to pastor" LOL-

Can we go home now?
I will have to do a post on Married to a Pastor...but let me tell you after church if you want to go home right away...kisss that idea goodbye! LOL  Hubby always has someone to talk to, counsel or just greet! And while I have my share of people to talk to after service, pastor is always most popular! Meaning home time won't be for another hour...or two! HAHA

Those are a few of the awkward moments and peevs I have had during the ministry!
Stay tuned for PW Perks! :)


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