Married to a Pastor

I am married to a Preacher of the Gospel!
If someone would have told me in highschool that I would marry a Pastor I would have found that quite humorous!

Sunday after Sunday, Wednesday after Wednesday I watch my husband get up and preach Gods word to a room filled with people.  I sit in the very back row on the end often with a smile on my face. Proud to be able to call that man my husband.

At the end of the day being married to a pastor is like being married to any other man!
I remember once a sister came over and shared how she felt being married to a pastor would be wierd!
Like he's just going to come home and start preaching to his family, or quoting scripture all the time.

I assured her it's not like that, ironically that day my husband did come home talking about church and church affairs! LOL But over all he's the same man...just with responsibilities.

Before I married my husband, I knew he wanted to be a preacher! I was heavily warned that I better make sure I was on board,because I did not want to "hinder" his calling!  I must admit I took the warning lightly.  Not that I ever planned to be a hinderance, I just didn't understand all it would entail.

People say all you have to do as a PW is play piano, keep a good home, look pretty on sundays and be nice to people.  I would say there is more to it than that!  

Being married to a Pastor you need to be STRONG...physically, spiritually and emotionally.  I think this area isn't emphasized enough.  I salute any pw out there...the struggle is real!!

Strength Physically

Somehow once you enter the PW club, often attacks come against your body.  You have to remember you are now the devils number one target!  I have had more health problems in 6 years of having a church than my husband has in his life. 
I have had to learn to be strong and suck up my health issues sometimes. Not easy at all...but necessary! 

Strength Spirituality

As a PW the only person that's going to make sure you are fed spiritually is...!  Yes there is always your husband's sermons but let's face it...if you're not happy with the man behind the pulpit...chances are what he is preaching won't touch your heart. I have to make sure I am daily getting myself filled with Gods word.  I listen to sermons online, do my own personal bible studies and devotions just to keep myself spiritually sound.  It's very easy to get religious and just go through the motions as a PW.  The scary thing is, no one would ever know. Everyone assumes you're doing well spiritually as a PW....even your husband can.  So take dominion in this area...would be so sad to be a pastors wife the ended up in hell :(  but I think it could be a reality for many a PW because how easy is it to get bitter in the ministry and let your heart go unchecked!  Don't let that be you!!

Emotional Strength!

Some women, I believe have more strength than others in this area.  Some are prone to emotional breakdowns and out bursts...while others take things with a grain of salt.  Being sound and stable emotionaly during an unsound and unstable situation is NOT easy for most...but needed!  I am not suggesting being a fake and never showing your emotions... But you do need to learn to keep it together.  Not only for the churches sake, but your family and husband will benefit too.  A way I try and keep it together is think to myself 'this will pass' 'how profitable is it for me to freak out right now?' ' will this be a big issue in a day,week, year?'. While tears  have never hurt anyone, outbursts of anger, cattiness and moodiness will!  So if your heavily annoyed, or upset, go lock your butt in a bathroom and get it together before you do more harm than good!!

After 6 years of being a PW it's been quite the roller coaster...I always remind myself, I am here to be a blessing and a support to my husband.  Never allow the church to drive a wedge in your marriage.  The devil will attempt to do next post will be on marriage & ministry!

Love you my PW's!
And if your not...know we love you and we solicit and need your prayers and love too! Xoxo


  1. What a great post. I completely agree with it all. I loved reading it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! This post is def a reminder for myself. Haha

    2. I loved this post. I have been a pastor's wife for many years but this is still good-not thought of-information for me!! Keep the posts coming, please.

    3. Thanks so much for commenting. I haven't posted in a while. Thanks for inspiring me to write a little more :)


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