Marriage & Ministry

Lately my posts have been very PW related. Given the title of my blog its expected.
So what's marriage& ministry like?
Well it sure is something!
You thought sharing that toy in preschool was a big deal....haha try sharing the man of your dreams!

Marriage & Ministry can definitey go very well together...or they can be a natural disaster.  It depends on how you handle it.  Here are some of the ways we have learned to make marriage & ministry compatible.

1) Let your husband lead.  It's his are his support person.  From what I have noticed, experienced and observed when wives get "too" involved in the ministry aspect it can put a strain on the relationship.  Either you accidentally cross a line with the people, or your husband.  YOu are completely worn out from being the "back up pastor" that you have nothing to offer hubby, and when things are going a bit rough at church with people if you are too involved or emotionally attached you may be more inclined to get your hubby riled up to instead of calmed down.

2)  Take a break!  It's VERY VERY hard to pry a husband away from his church.  Just like it is separating a mother from her new born baby...but I believe God gave Pastors, wives just for that purpose.  They need to break, and often won't take it unless forced! Even if its one hour on a date with you, or  mobile free...its imperative you have time together where the affairs of ministry aren't your focal points

3) Share the same vision: If you both don't have the same desires and vision for your church it will be a constant battle,  If you want to leave and he wants to stay...and that's the consistent feeling that needs to be addressed and dealt with.  Your precious church members will eventually sense discord among the both of you.  And not having the same desire for ministry is the worst sort of discord to have in your marriage.  Talk with each other often about your hopes, desires and aspirations  for your church. Remember you are a team and in this together!

4)Find your calling!  While you may not be called to be the pastor, you do have a role in that church.  I am not referring to the roll as a "PW".  I mean just a role in general.  What  are your gifts, talents and strengths?  For myself,  music, song writing and hospitality are my I give myself to them. They make me happy, not as a pw but as a christian.  A lot of pw's lose themselves in the pw role and take on what they think are required roles as a pw and just end up miserable in the ministry.  I don't count offering in my church...there was a time when I did out of need, but that's not my thing and the second a worthy candidate was able to take over, I gladly allowed.  Just because you are a pw doesn't mean you have to be jack of all trades!

5) HAVE FUN!  Honestly if you  forget everything else I wrote remember this.  Ministry is fun, a privilege and BLESSING!  Maybe the role seems treacherous but I assure you IT IS NOT.  If you and your hubby have fun together in the ministry not only does it strengthen your marriage it strengthens your ministry.  If your marriage is failing, your ministry won't be very far behind.  These two "m" words for very strongly linked!  

Marriage & Ministry, Ministry & Marriage
They don't have to be enemies, but can be best of friends! :D

Up next week Children & Ministry

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