Happy Daddy Day

Daddy & his two children!
Certainly not as popular as Mothers Day, but of equal importance!
There are three fathers in my life I would like to give credit and honor to this fathers day!
Firstly my Father!
My dear old Dad is the best thing since sliced bread.  He has been there for me in so many ways over the years.  Many of the people I know are fatherless or have fathers that are 'dead beats'. I am so thankful my Dad always stuck around to give me the love and support a daughter needs.  I admire him so much, from his generosity to witty personality!  I am who I am today in large part because of my loving father! 
The Father of my children!
My parents weren't married growing up, so I never had the privilege of living with my Dad until I was older.  I watch my husband and the love he shows our girls at their young age and it melts my heart. Being a girl myself, I personally know the effect a father has on his daughter. The confidence and acceptance he provides her with.  Our girls are so blessed to have their Daddy.  And my little son has an amazing role model!
Me & My Daddy
My heavenly father!
Words can't express my gratitude to Jesus Christ for saving me.  How He has stood by my side through the ups and downs over the years.  His faithfulness and willingness to forgive blow my mind.  His patience with me and kindness towards me are enough to bring tears to my eyes.
How people live without the father is beyond me.  Because where men may fail our Lord never does!
My father's day was spent with all three of my fathers.  Firstly going to church and then out to lunch with my Dad & Hubby.
I am so thankful for their influence in my life. They inspire me to be a better me and make me feel loved and cherished!
At the end of the day we can all celebrate fathers day because we all have a heavenly Father looking down waiting to spend time with us.  So where you are lacking in the physical, God more than makes up for in the spiritual!


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