Day to Day life with LV: Candy Shopping!

Two girls and onto child number three really has my life and time stretched quite thin!  Hats off to the mammas of 4+ out there!

That being said, I wanted to start spending more one on one quality time with my oldest. She is in that beloved 'tween' stage and needs a little extra TLC...especially before the baby comes.

So each Thursday I am trying to make a tradition of doing something small with her on our way home from work( I work at her school).   She isn't aware of the tradition yet...and I secretly pray she doesn't catch on... as she thrives off tradition and doesn't take kindly to cancelled plans! 

That makes things ever so challenging for her 'Mommy Dearest' the queen of 'cancelled plans' lol.

For our little date today we decided to raid the candy isles of seven eleven and have a candy shopping spree.  Amazing how much candy you can get for 3 bucks!?!  This date brought me back to her age when my parents would give me a loonie and I would fill my little clear baggy with as many 5 cent candies my dollar could buy.  She had the same budget today and did quite well picking accordingly!

My eyes widened at the selection.  Coca cola bottles, twizzlers, blue raspberry gummies...oh my!! I am not sure who was more excited my oldest or myself.  Both candy feigns.  Throughout pregnancy I eat pretty normal.  Try and eat healthy, I buy organic produce and dairy...but candy and I can and will not part.  We may only see each other from time to time...but we are inseparable.  Wondering how I ever survived a no sugar diet...I truly am a sugar addict!

So far our daughter dates have consisted of going to the nail salon, for pizza, Italian and now a candy shopping spree..
What will next week bring?

Any ideas?


  1. Shopping
    Laser tag
    Mini golf
    Pottery class
    Michaels card class- my mom use to take me and I loved it!
    Scrapbooking- also another thing my mom did with me
    Feed the homeless
    Jewlery making
    Photography journey- take picture of nature and all
    Build a bear

    Those are a few ideas :)

    1. These are awesome Jess! Sadly I can't skate cause I am preggo...but i will certainly be trying some of these

  2. Haha! Didn't think of your preggo state but yay my mom was great in this area. I have some good memories of my mommy time with her- keep doing it, it will matter many years down the road and T will appreciate it!


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