Bible Goals

Last year I had the goal to memorize the whole new testament by chapter.
I am proud to say I attained this goal.  Though I still need to regularly brush up on them as my mind is a leaky vessel. Haha.
This year my goal is to read my whole Bible within 4-6 months. It involves about an hour of reading each day and so far as been a blessing!!
The word of God is just so gosh darn powerful and I think it's something we often take for granted.
Since beginning this intense plan, I find I have the victory in my mind over negative and stupid thoughts.  I am able to refute lies with the word of God and find I have stronger convictions.
This year I encourage you to get on your A-game with your bible reading plan and challenge yourself.  Not the same old 3 chapters a day to keep the devil away!!
Accountability has helped me stay on top of my reading.  The app you version (Bible app) allows you to add friends and see one another's reading activities! 
Plus there are plenty of different devotional plans and study plans that you can do as well!  And it's all free!!
Let 2015 be a year to get into you WORD!!


  1. That's awesome! That's the Mississauga church's theme for the year also:) I just changed over my bible reading plan, I was on one that takes you simultaneously through the Old and New testament but I find I prefer to do one at a time, I'm not good at multitasking:( I'm in Acts now in my new plan and I'm loving it, Acts is especially exciting when you're pioneering:D Love ya & thanks for sharing!

    1. Bumby! Thanks for stopping by! Acts is a very good book for pioneering! And you guys are doing such a great job! Xoxox


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