Birthday Gifts From God!

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine text me to tell me Revival was starting at my mother church on my birthday with one of my favorite preachers!  I remember thinking 'what an awesome birthday gift' from the Lord.

Then I was reminded of a sermon I heard a couple years back. The preacher talked about birthdays and how he began asking the Lord for spiritual gifts on his birthday. I remember hearing this sermon around my birthday and began to do the same.

I have made it a tradition a couple weeks before each birthday to ask the Lord for a gift.  Something special to take into the following year of my life.

This year with all the busyness of life, I almost forgot... But this revival was God's sweet way of reminding me he loves and cares for me and wants to give me so much more ' spiritually'.

The bible says ' we have not because we ask not' and if we would ask we would receive.
I know it sounds like a silly concept but over the last couple years every birthday has been a spiritual reference point for myself.  Some of my birthday gifts from God have been peace, deliverance from insecurities and mind battles, tangible maturity, and enlarging of heart and love for others.

Tonight I realized God is interested in the small details of your life just as much as the large. And every year that passes He wants to celebrate with you too!  He is our Father and wants to give us good gifts...but we seldom ask!

I encourage you a couple weeks before your next birthday begin to ask the Lord for a 'spiritual gift' and see God work a miracle!

And make sure to share with me your birthday gift testimony!! :)

Love you all!
Lady Vee


  1. Nice and uplifting post! What a great Birthday, praise God!

    1. It really was! Thanks for stopping by! Xoxox


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