The PW Ratio

Hello! They call me Lady Vee and I am a pastors wife! PW for short.

Being a PW has been nothing short of exciting, exhausting, entertaining and....errr rewarding ( hehe darn those 'e' words)

And originally I started this blog to give others and idea of what it is like to be a PW. 
Let others see what goes on my little mundane world and see that we PW's are not much different from you!!

But then again we are...not much different in the sense we all have to wipe our butts when we tinkle... But different in that we get to carry around a ton of 'expectations'. More than the average folk!  So today's lesson is the PW Ratio

In any given church the members will always out number the Pastors Wife. So that ratio will always be 1: number of members of church at any given time.

Some days I am a PW to 60 other days I am a PW to 50.  Next month I could be a PW to 80 , so the number is always changing.

This leaves us Pw's in a bit of a pickle. How can we serve all of these precious souls? How do we remember each one of their dear birthdays ?  How do we greet each and every person at service?  How do we make sure no one is missed in ministry opportunities? How do we remember to invite Sister "So&So" to our house to fellowship? How do we remember all the meetings and ministry practices? How do we keep everyone happy? How?

Well to tell you the truth...we don't!  Due to the ratio it is near impossible for us to be on top of everything.  Yet if we do forget one of these things members are offended.  I never quite got this until I became a Pastors wife, and sadly most of life we live in hindsight, I hope you can catch this lesson ahead of time.

You have no idea what it took for your PW to get to church that day. I know she comes with a smile and looking gorgeous, but to be frank, most of the time looks are deceiving.  You have no clue how the Devil has assaulted her mind all week, how she has been trying to encourage everyone around her including those people who call 20 minutes before she needs to leave for church to tell her about their terrible week. 
Never mind her having to iron her husbands clothes, get the children ready, and finish her long never ending 'church to do list' . 

She walks through those doors with a smile on her face and has the victory because God is good.  But sometimes she needs to be lifted up in prayer.  Sometimes she needs someone to fill the gap she can't possibly fill.

The secret is many pastors wives are terribly burnt out. Many are tired, lonely and in need of a helping hand. And though it may not seem like that on the could make all the difference balancing out that ratio. 

Now I have never liked the 'woe to the pastors wife' song.  Because Pastor wifing is fun!  But I do think it is important for people to know the real deal as well. That way you have gratitude and appreciation for your PW.  That way when she forgets how to spell your name you can use that as a gentle reminder that she is human and probably needs some help.

I am so thankful to the ladies in my church that like Aaron and Hur held up Moses arms, hold me up  when I am too tired.

Let's all try and balance out the PW ratio!:)


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