Back to School & Fall Resolutions

Did anyone feel that cool september breeze this morning?  That breeze that silently says "it's time for school" "fall is coming" "welcome all things warm and  cozy".  Well I surely felt that cool breeze that warmed my overly AC'd summer heart.

Today was a special day as my oldest went off to christian school.  I home schooled her last year and will certainly miss having her around on a daily basis.  I really love september, I call it "fall new years".  It just seems like a chance to start over.  Get re-organized, re-focused and ...well I am out of "re" words!

My "fall " resolutions consist of:

1) A stronger morning prayer and reading time

2) To be patient and never yell---everyone hold me accountable to this one!
3) To cherish...I find I am always a few steps ahead and missing the special moments before me!

Do any of you have any "fall resolutions"?

Do Share

A hearty breakfast for her first day!

"THE" Backpack..stuffed and ready to go
Morning Assembly singing praise songs to Jesus! What a way to start the day


  1. Such an exciting time! I love your resolutions Vee. The fall is such a fresh start and it's a great time to set new goals. I'll join you :)

  2. Wow, that's great! I hope she loves her new school! Happy Fall!


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