Monday With Lady Vee- A memorable end to Summer

This weekend was jam packed with excitement!  To start we had the Rodchester Potters House come down and do a concert for us!  It was amazing, we had atleast 25 visitors and 80 people over all attend!  Our room was completely packed out for the very first time!  The best part was that on sunday we had atleast 7 people fromt he concert come out and a family of 8!! Woohoo!  We are so grateful to Rodchester for laboring with us (in the scortching heat) handing out fliers and inviting people to the concert!  What a fruitful weekend!  We hit 55 people for sunday services, and saw those same people come out to our BBQ and Sport Day today!  God is so awesome!  I get really excited when our church grows and we see the fruit of our labors! The Sport Day was filled with lots of and volleyball/soccer!  My Team woon volleyball...hehe, we were facing the defending champions, we won twice!
My Highlights of Summer:
Tucson Bible Conference
Home Renovations(when they were over)
Hide And Seek
Wonderland on  3 occasions
Wild Water Kingdom with Daddy
And Labor Day....

Here are some Pics from our Sunday Service! :)

Brother Rick

Saints Praying

Pretty Ladies!

Who's that?

All White Affair!

Mommy's Girl

Sisters(Lol Steppy)

Miya thinks she owns the Parking Lot

Crazy Girls

God's Angels!

Vee & Abi

My Sweetheart!

I hope you all had a Wonderful Summer, filled with much fun and excitement!  Here's to an amazing Fall and wonderful new year! xoxox


  1. How fun Vee!! Love all the pictures. Looks like an amazing community and like God is really moving in the church. Excited for fall as well :)

    1. It was a great summer! I am sure fall will be just as good if not better!

  2. That's awesome Vic!! Some great pics too!!


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